01/19/2016 Get Your Teams Registered for GAZA this Sunday!


In Loving Memory of Major Lucas Gruenther.

Get your Team (or Individual) Registration in for the GAZA Fundraiser this Sunday 01/24/2016 from 12p-5p!!    All athletic levels and abilities will be accommodated so that everyone can participate to honor Luc!  If you are in need of registration forms, please email, call or text Shannon 209-608-6696, cfsonora@gmail.com.  Cost is $40 per team or $10 per individual.  Please let us know if you need team members!  We have at least a few athletes who still do not have teams.  Food and raffle tickets for prizes will be available for purchase as well as the official GAZA 2016 shirts!    Come help us celebrate the life of our very own hometown hero, Major Lucas Gruenther!  Live Like Luc.  All proceeds will go to the Major Lucas Gruenther Legacy Foundation.  To donate directly toward the foundation please click the link!  mlglf.org.


“Pain Optional”

EMOM 12min
3 Front squat (165/125lbs)
AMRAP Ring Dip
for the remaining minute

Scale 2:
EMOM 12min
3 Front squat (135/95lbs)
AMRAP Pushup
for the remaining minute

Day 4 of the Fitness Testing series. This workout is designed to test athletes ability to lift a heavy load for multiple reps followed by performing multiple reps of a highly skilled gymnastics movement. The scaled versions all have a similar focus.  The Front Squat needs to be taken from the ground.  You may not squat clean the first one.  Keep in mind there will be plenty of accessory/skill/strength work prior to this WOD!



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