08/30/2016 Push/Pull Action

Real men wear pink...on their knee sleeves, as Todd demonstrates.

Real men wear pink…on their knee sleeves, as Todd demonstrates.


Min 1: 20 KB Swing (24/16kg)

Min 2: 10 Ring Dips

Min 3: 20 KB Swings

Min 4: 10 Ring Dips

etc. for 12 minutes

Pull/Push EMOM style. The Moderately heavy KB Swings should get the heart rate going, making it a little harder to get through the Dips on the next minute. A total of 6 rounds for each movement. It is quite a lot of volume to get done in 12min, which is what makes it such a great workout!

Ideally, you should be getting through the movements with 10sec+/- Rest at the end to allow for getting back to equipment, taking a breath and going again. This means that you should shoot for doing all the Swings unbroken. The Ring Dips will probably need to be broken up by most people, but as long as you can jump back up after a quick rest, you should be able to get them done.

Today, we would rather see people going a little heavier and doing less reps for both movements than scaling.  If you need a thick (usually green) band, then scale to Box Dips or even Pushups rather than using the band. The thick bands can change the stimulus of the Ring Dip and that’s not what we are going for today.

Fitness: Choose a KB Swing load that you can do 15 reps unbroken for 6 rounds. Scale the reps if you don’t think you can get through 15 in a minute.  We have prescribed Pushups today instead of dips for the push stimulus.  You should still practice Dips in the warmup portion, but for the workout, work on your Pushups. Find a scale that is hard for you, but you can still maintain a good plank position.


Congrats to Coach Jenn, Coach Slater, Karen and Ann for their strong finishes at the CF Oakdale Summer Slam competition on Saturday!  And special thanks to all those who came out to support their efforts.  CFS couldn't be more proud of our athletes!!  Jenn and Ann even had 1st place finishes in their division!

Congrats to Coach Jenn, Coach Slater, Karen and Ann for their strong finishes at the CF Oakdale Summer Slam competition on Saturday! And special thanks to all those who came out to support their efforts. CFS couldn’t be more proud of our athletes!! Jenn and Ann even had 1st place finishes in their division!


3 Power Snatch (135/95lbs)
9 Wall Ball (20/14lbs) — 11/9ft target
AMRAP 7min

A short little burner today. We will spend a big part of the Skills portion on the Power Snatch, warming it up and then going heavy for a bit. The Power Snatch load is aimed to be a moderate weight, but still doable for 3 reps unbroken each round. Some people might need to drop each rep, which is ok as long as you can transition quickly and pick it right back up again.

Top performers should aim to get around 12+ rounds. Most people will get around 10 rounds.  Work really hard to do it all unbroken. The reps are low enough for you to be able to achieve this. Something to work on for this workout is giving yourself the goal of starting the next movement as soon as you get to your piece of equipment. People really want to stand over their bar, or ball and stare at it for a little bit before going again. Try see how long you can walk right up to it and pick it up without resting.  You will be surprised at how it doesn’t actually feel that bad! It’s only 7minutes of your life!! 🙂

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: For the Wall Ball, we have made everyone in the B’Rxd category throw to the 11ft target and for the Rxd category, the men to the 11ft and the ladies to the 9ft. You may already do this. Sometimes it is good to mix it up what height people need to throw to. It really switches up the stimulus, and the shorter people really love it!

Fitness: Use a weight you can cycle 3 reps for with no problem. Same for the Wall Ball. Throw to 9ft target. Keep the intensity high on this one.

08/27/2016 GYM CLOSED TODAY!


Welcome new CFS members Gabe, Mary Ellen, James,  and Kayla!

Welcome new CFS members Gabe, Mary Ellen, James, and Kayla!


GYM is CLOSED today and there will be NO YOGA!  Be at CrossFit Oakdale at 08:00 am to cheer on Jen, John, Karen, and Ann for the Summer Slam Competition!!  Perform the above workout in the parking lot and spend the rest of the day fooling around;)  Happy Saturday!!




Good luck to our CFS Athletes competing in the CrossFit Oakdale Summer Slam WOD tomorrow at 08:00am!  The gym will be CLOSED on SATURDAY but we will be posting a “home workout”, so get down there to support your homies and then have the rest of the day to play!  Come out to support Ann, Coach Jen, Coach Slater and Karen as they WOD their hearts out:)


21 Abmat Situps
15 DB Box Step Up and Over (45/25lbs)
9 DB Jumping Lunges (45/25lbs)
AMRAP 12min

The dumbbells are held by your sides for the DB Step Up and Overs.  You can step up and over any way. Meaning, you can step up/down laterally (which probably makes more sense) or you can step up forward and step down forward. People will probably end up using a combination of both.  You can use any leg you choose to step up and down. Alternating legs is the best option.

For the Jumping lunges, the dumbbells are held at your sides and the back knee needs to graze the ground and the hips need to be open at the top of the movement.  You can perform them in a continuous fashion and you don’t need to pause after each rep. One jump = 1 rep.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The weight is set as light to moderate, but after a few reps it might start to feel heavy. That’s the nature of the two movements. Use the warmup to see how it feels after a few reps with the Rxd weight and whether or not you want to scale. Use a 24” box for Beyond Rxd and a 20” Box for Rxd.

Some people may need to perform the Jumping Lunges without any load. They can be hard to balance without load, let alone adding dumbbells to either side. OR, they can perform weighted regular Lunges.

Fitness: We have written that you perform DB Step Ups, but omit the dumbbells if you just aren’t able to complete the work. If you think you can perform the Jumping Lunges,  do it!!!  Otherwise keep the modification as regular Lunges on the spot. They are pretty dynamic, so any people with knee issues should stick with regular Lunges or scale weight appropriately.

08/25/2016 Pure Strength

Ali getting great depth on her back squat warm up sets.

Ali getting great depth on her back squat warm up sets.

The Benefits of Strength Training
Physiologically, the benefits of consistent strength training include an increase in muscle size and tone, increased muscular strength, and increases in tendon, bone, and ligament strength. Lifting weights has also been shown to improve psychological health as well, by increasing self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth.  Here are a few other benefits to building massive strength…

Increased energy: more endurance, power and strength which translate into more useable energy• Improved digestion and elimination processes. Your body is built for and meant to be active in all ways• Improved intellectual capacity and productivity. Your brain needs a reprieve from thinking; physical exercise provides that respite from the constant intellectual thinking tasks of our modern life• Better sleep: exercise enables a better sleep pattern to develop• Weight loss: muscle burns more calories than fat because of the higher rate of metabolism within the muscle tissues• Strong bones: increased bone mineral density as a result of the imposed loads being placed upon the bone during the exercise sessions• Control of depression: you are active in a productive manner and the brain sends out endorphins signaling a happy pleasant state of mind during and after exercise• Decreased stress: you are doing something for YOURSELF• Added protection from heart disease: lower blood pressure reading in many cases with just a small amount of increased activity and as little as ten pounds of weight loss• Increased endorphins (pain killers): the runners high• Increased self-confidence, self image, self-perception and outward self-projection.• Body fat percentage decreases• Lean tissue percentage increases• Blood pressure readings decrease• Resting heart rate decreases• Serum cholesterol decreases• Range of motion and flexibility increases• Strength increases• Lung function increases• Bone mineral density increases• Cardiovascular circulation capacity increases

The short and sweet answer is strength building will lead to increased mental and physical stamina to better endure the stresses of daily living in this modern world of constant pressure to be on the go continually.

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful, in general.”-Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder


Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Heavy lifting day. That means go all out for 5 sets of 3 Deadlifts. We have allocated 20min for the actual lifting portion to allow some time at the end for a small sweaty finisher. If you would prefer to spend more time lifting/resting, then use that extra time for the Deadlifts. Personally, we believe that no one should WANT to do anything else after a heavy day. BUT this isn’t always the case, so you decide based on what you think your need are.

The goal should be to start the first set of 3 roughly around 80-85% of the 1RM. This is just a rough estimate and most people will go by feel for the day. We would rather see heavy sets from the start than one heavy set at the end. Use each set as an opportunity to get stronger.

Fitness: For those who are still new to Deadlifting or need to modify load for whatever reason,  do sets of 5 instead so the intensity can be a little higher each round. Rather than focusing on going really heavy, think about making your focus on moving really well across more reps.

Expect lots of warm up and prep today!  Think Speed Cone Drills, Kettlebell work, hamstring activation and plenty of Deadlift Prep at 80% of your 1 rep maxes.

Optional Finisher — 100 KB Swings. Every time you put the KB down, perform 3 Burpees.  Choose a challenging weight!!

Reminder: The gym will be closed this Saturday!  We will post a home workout for you and hope that you will attend the CF Oakdale Summer Slam competition to cheer on our CFS athletes who are competing!!  




200m Sprint
35 Double Unders
Perform every 3min
6 Rounds

We want each round to be an all-out Sprint. That means you need to make sure you are really warmed up and ready to go at Round 1.

Ideally, the Double Unders should be unbroken and done as fast as possible. If you aren’t able to do this, either scale the reps to something you know you can hit in a few sets, or just attempt to get the set done as fast as possible. This is a good workout to practice Double Unders under a very specific fatigue.

Each round (Sprint + Double Unders) should take less than 2min, which gives you over a minute to rest. This will feel adequate for the first few rounds, but then it will start to go by really fast!  Focus on getting your heart rate down as quickly as possible.

Fitness: We have subbed out the Jump Rope for Fast Feet. We want you to get a similar stimulus to the Double Unders today and Fast Feet will do that for sure. If you are unable to jump, modify the fast feet to 20 fast air squats.

08/23/2016 Gym CLOSED This Saturday! Go Support Our CFS Athletes in Oakdale!

Thomas looking great in his front squat position.

Thomas looking great in his front squat position.

This Saturday, August 27th, the gym will be CLOSED!  A few of our AWESOME CFS athletes and coaches will be at CrossFit Oakdale to compete in the Summer Slam Competition, starting at 8 am!!  They would LOVE to see all of your excited faces there to cheer them on!  Or if you hurry, there is still time to register at http://www.wodrocket.com!  There will be food and fun for all!  We will post a home WOD for those who still want to work on your fitness, before you make the trek down to Oakdale to party with the big dogs🙂 AND be sure to check our Facebook Page for a Worship and WOD time for SUNDAY if you want to join in.


15 OH Squat (155/105lbs)
8 Hip Extensions
5 Rounds
15 OH Squat (155/105lbs)

A short 5 rounder sandwiched between some heavy OH Squats to get the shoulders and legs a little fatigued. The first round of OH Squats should feel good since everyone will be nice and fresh. The second set will feel a lot heavier!  The weight needs to be taken from the ground so be safe and methodical getting the barbell into the OH Squat position.

If you would like, you can substitute the Hip Extensions to DBLE KB Russian Swings. Use a load that you can perform 8 reps without any problems. Or, you can modify it to a weighted Good Morning (Barbell or Plate).

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The OH Squat will most likely need to be broken into 2 or 3 sets each time. For the first time, you might be able to do one or two big sets, but the second time will for sure be harder for you. Use this as a guideline when warming up to help you decide on how to decide on your weight.  You also need to be able to safely get it over your head, which can be an issue for some people.

Movement Options: Scale the HSPU to 12 Cherry Pickers . To scale it further, perform Pike Pushups on a Box.

Fitness: Use a weight that you can perform 8 reps comfortably with. If you struggle in this position, you may want to load up a little bit more using a Back Squat. Today is about getting under a heavy-ish load — try to preserve that stimulus. We have written a Plate Press and Plate Good Morning for the 5 rounds so that you only need to have one piece of equipment. Use a weight that is challenging for the 6 Plate Presses. If you think you are capable of performing solid Pike Presses on a box, then you can always use that as your modification as well. If the Plate is too much for the Good Mornings, take it out and perform bodyweight Good Mornings instead.

****Also for anyone interested, Nic will be providing a NON-LIVE FIRE course on CARJACKING: Don’t Be A Victim, this Saturday as well!  10:00 am-1:00pm at CrossFit Sonora.  You will learn how to safely protect yourself and your loved ones, how to maneuver in and around your vehicle, situational and spatial awareness related to vehicles, identification techniques and run contact scenarios.  Cost is $65.  Call Nic to reserve your spot, space is limited!  209-352-5575.