Sprint 200m
Rest 2min
3 Rounds
Sprint 400m
Rest 3min
2 Rounds
Sprint 800m
1 Round

Sprinting Workout today! Notice we wrote ‘Sprinting’ and not ‘Running. 🙂 We really do want you to Sprint, or run as hard as you can for each effort, because no one can really sprint 800m! The work to rest ratio is roughly double, so you should get good recovery between each effort. The total Running volume is 2.2km. Today is about quality over quantity.

Scoring = Total Time. Make sure you record each effort in your log or myWOD app so you can have it for next time.  These are benchmark running numbers!

With regards to today, we want you to pace each effort, not across the workout. For a 200m, it is just go fast the whole way. For a 400m and 800m, you need to have some strategy, otherwise you will detonate after about 250m. We want each effort to be done hard, whatever that means to each athlete. This means that you will start to feel slower across the efforts, but that’s expected.  You will surprise yourselves with how you can still maintain speed even while you are fatigued.

* If needed, modify Running to Rowing.

10/24/2016 Monday EMOM


Kristie completed the Chad workout in full turnout gear!


Don’t forget to stretch out after the 10:30 class with Kim! Starts promptly at 11:45am. Feel free to stay for a short stretch or the entire session!

Part 1: SWOD

5 Power Clean
Every 2min
3 Rounds

Part 2:
5 Squat Clean (135/95lbs)
5 Ring Dip
EMOM 9min

It’s EMOM Monday!! Today we have taken a favorite Benchmark, Elizabeth and made an EMOM out of it! The goal is to be able to perform the prescribed amount of reps within the minute.   Keeping the rep scheme a little shorter is going to allow some people to get work done quicker than they potentially would doing a regular Elizabeth.

Part 1 is three heavy sets of 5 touch and go reps of Power Clean every 2min. No resetting at the bottom of each lift. Ideally you will lift the same heavy load across all 3 sets of 5. The load should be Heavier than what you will use for the Elizabeth EMOM. There won’t be a lot of time to rest between sets, about 30sec to perform the reps and then about 90sec to rest. It is only 3 sets, so make sure you go heavy and work on lifting load under fatigue.

Part 2  Roughly, around 60% of the above load would be appropriate for the Elizabeth EMOM and you should be able to do all reps unbroken pretty quickly for all 9 rounds.

Don’t forget to stretch out after the 10:30 class with Kim!  Starts promptly at 11:45.  Feel free to stay for a short stretch or the entire session!

10/22/2016 Happy Saturday! No Regular Yoga Today

Throwback to Don and Christina post Spartan Race!! October 2014

Throwback to Don and Christina post Spartan Race!! October 2014

There will be no regular YOGA session today but we will do a quick little Post WOD stretch with Mountain Om Yoga immediately following the class!!


16 minute AMRAP

2 Shuttle Sprints (20-30m)
2 Over the Shoulder D-Ball Toss
Add 2 reps of each every round, so then you perform 4 shuttle sprints, 4 over the shoulder tosses, then 6 shuttle sprints and 6 over the shoulder tosses, etc…

For the Shuttle Runs, you need to touch the ground in each direction.

1 x 20m Run = 1 rep.

For the Over the Shoulder D-Ball toss, use a slam ball, heavy med ball or mats with an atlas stone if you’re a badass🙂  Alternate sides each rep. The goal is to get further than 5 rounds. This one will end up being a grinder. Nothing should really slow you down but fatigue, so aim to be consistent with your pacing from the start.


CFS members geared up for the Memorial Chad Workout

CFS members geared up for the Memorial Chad Workout


Assault Bike 50/40cals
30 Thruster (135/95lbs)
Run 800m
15min +
25 Hang Squat Clean (135/95lbs)

For the first 3 sections, you have 5min to get each movement done.  You should do each movement really hard!  You get to rest the remaining time left in those 5min sections. For the last section, the 25 Hang Squat Cleans, you have as long as it takes. However, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 min, but you may be fatigued from the previous movements AND it is Squat Cleans, and we all know those catch up with you real quick!

Scoring = Time taken to complete each one added together to get one total time. This means you need to keep track of how long each movement takes for the four sections. It also means you can’t sandbag a particular movement and go harder on another. Every second counts!

The Assault Bike is one of those things that for some people, is really, really challenging and for others, they can crank through the calories in no time (usually the bigger guys). So, some people may get up to 2min rest afterwards, others may not get any rest. NOOO PROBLEMO, right?! It’s the first movement, so you’ll be fresh. You will also be able to make up some rest time in the next few movements. Hopefully…

The load on the Thrusters should feel moderate.  You probably won’t be able to do all 30 unbroken.  You will probably need to break it up into a few sets. By the time you get to the Squat Cleans, you may be doing them in singles or short sets just to get through them. Keep moving through these as quickly as you can, since it’s the last movement!


Marisa and Katie rockin' the PPE for the Memorial Chad WOD.

Marisa and Katie rockin’ the PPE for the Memorial Chad WOD.


100m Single Arm DB Farmers Carry (45/25lbs)
8 DB Alternating Arms Power Snatch
10 DB Row in Plank
8 Rounds

Remember last week when we posted the importance of the unilateral type dumbbell movements??  Here’s another chance to monopolize on the dynamic effects of dumbbell use!

We have used a similar Rep/Round sequence as last Tuesday. Also with Dumbbells, but with different movements. This was intentional, but for no magical reason, other than sometimes a little repetition is fun.  And… 8 rounds is that sweet number that feels a lot more than 5, even if the weight is light and the reps are low.  Yet it isn’t quite 10 rounds, so you still need to try sprint through it!

The Dumbbell weight is intended to be pretty light for all categories.  You should be able to perform all the movements unbroken each round with no problem.  The Farmers Carry is 50m on one arm and the other 50m on the other arm.  The Power Snatches need to be done alternating and from the ground.  The Rows are also done alternating arms. The Dumbbell needs to be rowed into the armpit. Ensure you don’t twist your body too much to perform the movement. The weight should be light enough that you should not feel the need to do that.

10/18/2016 EMOM Tuesday

Chad Theodore Gamez, named after our dear friend Chad Harris.  Gone but never forgotten.

Chad Theodore Gamez, named after our  friend Chad Harris. Gone but never forgotten.

We missed our regular Monday EMOM to honor our friend Chad Harris yesterday.  A great time was had by all!  We are so grateful to our CFS family who honored Chad by participating and/or being spectators, stopping in to say hello, taking pics and videos and joining us in our celebration of his life.  Special thanks to Twain Harte Fire Department for loaning us the spare turnout gear to perform the workout.  It really gave many of our athletes a new appreciation for doing physical work in the constraints of heavy, cumbersome PPE.  We had some brand new CrossFitters trying out the workout yesterday and some friends visiting from other affiliates.  What an awesome thing to witness the tight knit bonds of friends and community!


Today is EMOM Tuesday!  The third week of our EMOMs.  OH Squats and Pullups are such a great combo. The Overhead Shoulder stability required for the OH Squats makes the Pullups feel a little more challenging than usual, and vice versa with the Pullups into OH Squats.

Everyone should aim to hit the reps that are written. If you start failing half way, you should take 1 or 2 reps off the totals and continue.

The OH Squat is taken from the ground.  The weight for the OH Squat is intended to be light – moderate. Similar to the Pullups, you should always be able to perform the sets unbroken. Breaking these up take more time than breaking up the Pullups, so we really challenge you to hang on to the Barbell for all the reps. This way you get to rest more. 🙂

EMOM’s are a great way to help build that Pulling Strength and forces you to keep working when you might not want to.


10 Pullups
EMOM 5min
10 OH Squat (115/75lbs)
EMOM 5min
Rest 1min
5 Chest to Bar Pullups
5 OH Squats (115/75lbs)
EMOM 10min

Happiness is remembering Chad.-photo credit to Sara Burgess

Happiness is remembering Chad.-photo credit to Sara Burgess