05/25/2017 Shop Til You Drop June 10th!

Don’t miss the Lululemon Trunk Show at Peak Performance Care on Saturday, June 10th, from 9am-12pm!!  Come browse through and purchase your favorite Lulu styles and enjoy brunch and mimosas with us!  Bring your family and friends for this last chance opportunity.  Lululemon won’t be doing these trunk shows anymore!!  Kick off summer and celebrate fitness with like-minded people!


15 push press

5 rope ascents

12 push press

4 rope ascents

9 push press

3 rope ascents

6 push press

2 rope ascents

3 push press

1 rope ascent

** use 3/4 body weight for push press.


05/24/2017 The Importance and Functionality of the Overhead Squat

Skill Work:

OHS (overhead squat)


with an 8 minute clock…

run 800 meters then use the remaining time to perform as many reps as possible…

OHS (95/65#)

I’m not too sure how many times in life I’d ever Overhead Squat an object, but I do know that the overhead squat is a great tool for training the strength and stability of your shoulders and core. It’s also a great tool to mobilize your thoracic spine, ankles, and hips, and will help you feel more comfortable at the very bottom of a squat, front squat, or snatch.


Most people struggle with at least one of these mobility and stability issues:

  • Tight, overlifted pecs that pull the shoulders and upper back forward.
  • A rigid thoracic spine that can’t extend.
  • A weak core.
  • Inflexible hips, knees, and ankles.

Doing overhead squats can actually help relieve these issues. It’s important, though, that you start with basic positioning. Don’t throw plates on a bar and expect your body to be able to handle it, especially if you have any of the above issues.

The overhead squat can turn you into a more limber, well-rounded athlete:


Most people sit hunched forward all day, then go into the gym and train their mirror muscles. If your torso is in constant flexion, your shoulders and scapulae are pulled forward, making it damn near impossible for your shoulders to be comfortable and strong when your arms are behind your head.

The overhead squat can help your body learn how to extend. Your thoracic spine and abdominal muscles must learn how to move backward with as much ease as they flex forward. If your thoracic spine and core can be strong and in a good position no matter what you’re doing, you’ll have better success in all of your lifts.

Although it might be painful at first, putting your upper body into an extended position can improve the health of your spine and shoulders. As anyone who lifts knows, avoiding back and shoulder injuries is paramount. If you make your upper body lithe and agile, you may feel less pain throughout the day as well.


If you struggle to do a back squat without your knees caving in or your heels coming off the ground, doing an overhead squat will make these issues even more apparent.

Most people lack the proper glute strength and hip mobility to make their posterior chain work efficiently. If you want to do an overhead squat, your calves, hamstrings, glutes, adductors, and lower back will need to pitch in to move the weight. Lean too far forward and you’ll put strain on your knees and rely too heavily on your quadriceps.


Your abdominals, obliques, and deep core muscles such as the transverse abdominis are essential to squats, pull-ups, and almost every other exercise you can name.

Although many of us train abs by doing endless crunches, the primary role of the core is antiextension and antiflexion. So, if you have a loaded barbell on your back, your core must keep you from falling forward or backward and getting crushed.

The overhead squat makes your core work overtime because the weight is over your head, making your center of gravity much higher. Also, because your torso is elongated, the tension in your deep inner-core muscles will be very intense.


If you’ve ever put something heavy over your head, you know how wobbly it can feel. When you’re lifting, the last thing you want to feel is unstable.

Including the overhead squat in your program can train your shoulders to function better. To do the exercise properly, you’ll have to be able to rotate your shoulders and retract your scapulae. That’s not an easy position to get into, much less maintain, even at a light weight.


Holding a load aloft while you squat requires balance. The weight needs to be perfectly placed above the center of gravity. If you lean too far back on your heels, you risk losing the weight behind you. If, on the other hand, you’re on the balls of your feet with your heels in the air, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the lift forward.  Learning how to balance is a really good life skill. So, even if you aren’t going to be doing an overhead squat in “real life,” having the body awareness to recognize when you’re off balance and in a compromised position will help you.


05/22/2017 Grace

CFS Ladies Stacy, Becky, Cheryl, Leeann, and Lea at Luc’s Run last Saturday.


Last performed with Cindy on 2/27/17


30 clean and jerks for time (135/95#)

Grace is one of the CrossFit benchmark “Girl” WODs (because of the name, not because they are designed for women). The workout first appeared on the main site 24 June 2004.

These benchmark workouts are some of the most-well known in the world of CrossFit, which makes them perfect for comparing times.  Benchmark workouts in CrossFit serve as a way to measure your progress. Since the workouts change so often it can be difficult to compare your performances with the past. With the benchmark workouts, you have real evidence that your fitness level is improving.


  • elite: Sub 2:00
  • advanced: 2:00-3:00
  • intermediate: 3:00-5:30
  • beginner: 5:30-8:00

Coaches/Athletes: These are estimated RX goal times, scale as needed to finish between these time frames.


  • This workout was designed to be a SPRINT. When scaling, keep in mind you want efficient, not sloppy, movement to fall under a 8:00 minute time cap. Record your results and repeat the workout in the near future to measure improvement.
  • Avoid going to failure. Stop 1-2 reps short of failing.
  • Use a moderate to fast pace for the first 20 reps, then sprint through the final 10 reps.


Clean and Jerk

  • Reduce weight so you can do 15 reps efficiently unbroken.


  • Apply a 8:00 time cap.

05/19/2017 Don’t Miss Memorial Day Murph!

Don’t miss our Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 29th!  Register online to get your official MURPH shirt!  CLICK THE LINK to register.

Also, not to be missed is the LUC’S RUN this Saturday, May 20th!  Come support our CFS runners who will participate in honor of Major Lucas Gruenther, our fallen friend and local hero.  For those who are participating in LUC’S RUN, CFS members will meet at the Tuolumne Park Gazebo at 08:30 am.



calorie bike/row


burpee pull ups

ATTENTION CFS family!!   If you have not yet received the email to update your personal information for our new software, please let us know!  We will be transitioning to the new software on June 1st and don’t want anyone to be missed!!  The new program will require you to “check in” on a tablet at the front counter.  We want to make the change as seamless as possible for everyone, so we’d like to have your accounts set up prior to that date.



05/18/2017 Don’t Miss Luc’s Run This Saturday 5/20!

Register for the Virtual Run if you can’t make it on Saturday!!  Our CFS runners will be meeting at the Tuolumne Park Gazebo at 0830 am!  For those of you CFS ladies that are carrying Luc’s American Flag during the 6 mile run, Stacy Berger will meet you there and you all can make a plan.  

Join us this Memorial Day, May 29th, for our Annual Murph Challenge!  We will be running 9 and 10:30 AM Murph Workouts.  CLICK the LINK to register and get your official MURPH t-shirt and to donate to the Lt Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  Encourage your family and friends to take part in this annual tradition WITH you.  Get outside, start training, do it together, and accomplish something great.

Murph Challenge


800 m run


DB deadlift (athlete chooses weight)

wall balls (20/14 lbs)

800 m run

Thank you to all those who have filled out their new billing information online!  If you still have not received that email link to set up your new PushPress account, please let us know!!