Part A

back squat


Part B

AMRAP 15 min

10 cal air assault bike

10 dumbbell snatch (50/35#)

10 dumbbell box step overs (24/20″ box, 50/35# dbs)

*alternate arms on db snatch



Part A

Bench press


Part B

800 m row

21 kb swings (1.5/1 good)

21 goblet squats

600 m row

15 kb swings

15 goblet squats

400 m row

9 kb swings

9 goblet squats


Part A


clean+hang clean+front squat

100 m sprint

X 5 cycles

**perform 1 complex (all 3 movements without putting the bar down) immediately followed by 100 m sprint.  Rest the remainder of time until the top of the next 2 minute time period.

**Load should be moderate to heavy.  For those working with lighter weights, perform the complex 2 times, followed by sprint.

Part B

AMRAP 14 minutes

-wall balls (20/14#)

-pull ups


2, 4, 6, 8, 10…

**reps increase by 2 each round, score is complete rounds + reps.


CFS conquers Half Dome!

Part A



*sets do not need to be touch and go!  Take your time, focus on the set up and performing each rep correctly.

Part B

15 cal assault bike

21 hang power snatch (95/65#)

21 box jumps (24/20″)

21 ring push ups

15 cal assault bike

15 hang power snatch

15 box jumps

15 ring push ups

15 cal assault bike

9 hang power snatch

9 box jumps

9 ring push ups



-Huge turnout for “Johnny 232” this weekend! Thanks to everyone who participated or came out to cheer!

Tuesday 10/09/2018

Part A

Shoulder press
5 x 5
Barbell bent over row
5 x 5

*Set up two bars and perform lifts opposite of each other (example: do 1 set of 5 shoulder press, then 1 set of 5 barbell bent row)

Part B

For time:

-21 deadlift (225/165)
-400m run
-18 deadlift
-400m row
-15 deadlift
-400m run
-12 deadlift
-400m row

10/08/2018 Happy Monday!

Part A


5 back squats (heavy load)

50 m sled push (no prescribed weight)

5 continuous rounds

**perform 5 back squats, immediately followed by a 50 m sled push, rest the remainder of the time until the top of the next 3 min time period.

**squat weight should be challenging, but a weight you can safely maintain over 5 rounds

**stagger start as needed, so every person in pushing a sled (no pulling)

Part B

AMRAP 10 minutes

15 kb swings

10 cal air assault bike

15 toes 2 bar