6:30pm by appointment, available on select days during the week.

Please contact SHANNON 209-608-6696 to schedule a session! 

If you have previous CrossFit experience, you may not need these beginner sessions.  Call us today to inquire!


3:30 PM-4:30 PM Monday through Friday

No organized training is available during the open gym hour unless you are specifically scheduled for a personal training appointment or an on-ramp session.

We love to Share the Pain! Please call us to arrange to come in and try a class for FREE!

YOGA Classes

With Kim Brodie and Mountain Om Yoga

Saturday 10:30-11:30am (Stretch and Relax)


13 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. I have been reading all of the stuff on this site and it sounds really great. i would like to get down to a size 9/7 jeans by the next time i see my fiance (hes in bootcamp at the moment) I’m a size 13 right now, but i just havent been seeing the results i want in a regular old workout, however for 200+ dollars, i would expect alot of bang for my buck. ive heard alot of good reviews about your program, i was just wondering do you have to sign a year contract? or does it go by a month by month basis?

    • Samantha-I have no doubt you will not be disappointed when you try our program…we have no contracts and no initiation fees. For your $200 you will receive 8 personal training sessions where you are taught all of the CrossFit methodology and standards of movement. This prepares you for the regular CrossFit classes. Please call us to discuss any other questions you may have, we’d be happy to talk with you!!

  2. Hi! My wife and I are visiting this weekend and plan to workout Friday 9 or 10:30 and maybe Sunday too. I see you allow drop ins but do we need to make a reservation? Thanks

  3. I’m visiting my parents (in Twain Harte) on Thursday/Friday. I may swing by Thursday for open gym if I’m able to make it to the 5:30 class, but will definitely be there at 8am Friday. Looking forward to joining CrossFit Sonora for a class!!

  4. I will be going to Lake Don Pedro next week. I have been going to CrossFit Excel in Manteca for about 3 years now. What is your schedule this next week for a drop in?

  5. Hi…I’m a Crossfitter in Minnesota and will be visiting my Dad next weekend in Sonora…planning on dropping in for a couple WOD’s. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks! Michelle

  6. Hi, me and my friend wanted to stop by for a open gym session. We’ve never gone to a gym before and I want to make sure that an Open Gym means you just show up. Does it? And also, can we stay from around 6:30am- 4:00pm? I’m a little confused on the schedule, I really want a longer session for both of us, and we’re going to jog there. Hope you can help!

    • Please call Shannon at 209-608-6696. We only run structured classes during the listed times. Open Gym is for current gym members or new members who are currently in our on ramp program. Call us so we can chat more and answer any questions you may have!! Thanks

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