CFS Athlete Testimonials

Please tell us how CrossFit has changed your life or made you better.  Feel free to elaborate on the results you have seen and your journey to fitness.  Post your thoughts under comments, so we may share with others…


14 thoughts on “CFS Athlete Testimonials

  1. I would never have hiked Half Dome in the dead-of-night with 12 other people if it weren’t for Crossfit Sonora!!!!

  2. I woke up one day way over weight, struggling to keep up with my six year old. Then I overheard the classic CrossFit conversation: “you look good, what have you been doing?” Answer: “CrossFit.” I checked it out and I was addicted after my first WOD. Fast forward i am 40 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my life. My wife is hooked, my 8 year old thinks I could win the games and my 2 year old runs around the house doing burpees. But that is all a bonus. The real reward is the CrossFit community that I belong to. We WOD hard, play harder, and make raising money for charity part of both. The sport of fitness changed my life. 

    • I love this! It is energizing to hear people’s journeys about how they came to know CrossFit. Our gym is blessed to have you and your beautiful family in it!!

    • you are one of the poeple that i look up to chris…to see where you started and where you are at now makes me want to go!!! good job on all your success chris that crossfit has brought to your life…i know it has done a lot for me as well!

  3. I hated exercise. The only form of “working out” I did after high school sports was swimming. And that was because I didn’t like to sweat;) At the age of 34 and 3 babies later, I tipped the scale at 201 pounds! At my height, it may not seem obese but it was WAAAAY too heavy. No wonder my back would hurt all the time. I had major lethargy and somedays the occasional physical aspects of my job as a medic would even be a little much. My dear silly friends, Seth and Karl, would always attempt to get me to workout with them at the gym, but I was deathly afraid to try whatever crazy ass stuff they were doing! After all, I was too old, too heavy and mommies should not be inverted against any walls at any time…right? Another friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. In the VIRGIN ISLANDS!! I was gonna be pissed if I couldn’t wear a bikini and so began my lil love affair with CrossFit. I called Seth and he made arrangements for me come to the garage for my first CF workout. I did not love it the first time like lots of people. But being skinny was way more important than suffering for a short time everyday. The addiction came pretty quickly thereafter, because for the first time, working out was fun. I was with my buddies. They encouraged me. They texted me what to eat or WODs to do at work. They cared about me reaching my goals. I dove in feet first and worked out way too much right off the bat. I drank the proverbial kool aid. 5 or 6 days a week was sometimes not enough. Sometimes I would do double days. 40 lbs melted off ultra fast. I met new friends and I was annoyingly telling everyone I knew about this crazy fun way to work out. I mean, please, why would someone NOT do CrossFit? That thought seemed absurd to me. Even my own husband succumbed to my pressure and started CrossFitting, probably just to shut me up. Losing weight became an afterthought. I wanted to get strong! Suddenly I didn’t care about being “skinny” anymore. I wanted to be an athlete again. I got crazy good training from my mentors and I am so thankful for them. Josh, Seth and Karl taught me the very foundations I teach everyone else now. The craziest thing that happened is that I became a CrossFit gym owner. Yeah, the girl that hated working out! The one who didn’t like sweating…ewwww. Fate would have it that we met Nic in that garage, as WOD buddies, and now we work as partners to share the love of this crazy “fitness fad” that we found just 3 short years ago. I have learned lots of lessons in the short time we have been CrossFitting. I don’t take it quite so seriously now. I have relaxed a bit. I’m always sorry when I don’t work out, and never sorry when I do. I’ve learned the precious mindset that it’s supposed to be FUN. I don’t freak out quite as much when my kids interrupt my wod. I’ve learned that not everyday can bring you a PR. I know that it’s ok to take rest days, as long as there aren’t TOO MANY:) I now know that we all suffer setbacks, physical and mental. Most importantly, I have come to realize that CrossFit truly CAN be for everyone, but there are some people in the world that simply don’t like to work that hard, and so it really ISN’T for everybody.

    • well just know you will be my running buddy for life!!!! i hated exercise too but i feel like crossfit is different. at a globo gym your constantly needing to be your own advocate and constantly thinking about what you want to be working on. in crossfit all you have to do is walk through the front door and look at the white board and let out a long drawn out sigh of uuuuuhhhhh….i cant do THAT!!! and then as soon as the countdown turns to 0 and the time starts somehow you figure out how to get through the workout!!! crossfit, if your into it, becomes less about working out and becomes more about being healthy and encouraging other people and also about team work. Even though you compete with yourself and most the WOD’s are just you…you somehow work with other crossfitter’s and there is teamwork and comradery in there!! good job on getting healthy shan and thank you for being the one to get me started on crossfit…been going for 6 months and i am hooked indeed… as much as i hate doing the hero WOD’s that is my favorite part of crossfit…the fact that we pay tribute to hero’s who have fallen defending our right to freedom!! thanks again Shan for making me start to workout and thank you CFS!!

  4. January 2, 2012 I stepped on the scale and was the heaviest I had ever weighed at 220 lbs! 5 years ago I quit being an intern firefighter and went to work for the ambulance…within that time I noticed the main difference between fire and EMS is we love to eat and don’t have the time to workout! I got heavier as the years went by and didn’t really care, although my body did. I have psoriatic arthritis and the heavier I got the more my joints could feel it. While being a paramedic intern I was constantly stressed and always eating and did not want to workout. My preceptor, Shannon, tried to get me to work out and I was always to scared to even try and would always make up an excuse to not try crossfit.  Finally January 2nd I decided it was time for a change. I went to eating strict paleo and started crossfit later in the month! My first crossfit class I thought I was gonna die…to get motivation I would just look at myself and know that it would be hard work to get back into shape! After a few classes I was hooked! It was hard to schedule crossfit around life, but it was more important to me to get healthy than anything else! Even coming off duty exhausted I knew I could do just an hr a day!! I have gained so much more confidence in the way I look as well as my abilities! I am able to do things i never would have thought possible! The thing that i love about crossfit is how encouraging everyone is…no matter what your ability level is you are always encouraged and pushed to do your absolute best! I am now kicking myself for not starting sooner!! If people ask me about how I’ve lost so much weight I tell them diet and exercise!! Every day I go to the gym I instantly feel better about myself! I hope that everyone sees results like I have and I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now…thank you Shannon for convincing me to go and try it out, thank you crossfit Sonora for letting me enjoy working out again, and thank you to my wonderful wife for always supporting me and encouraging me! And thank you to all family and friends for supporting me! And I am now at a healthy weight of 200 lbs, still have a lot more to lose though! 

    • We are so proud of all your progress and hard work! We all know how intimidating it appears from the outside. We appreciate members like you who prove that all you have to do is work hard and you will have success! Most importantly I am proud that you are fighting the health battle with arthritis and winning through thoughtful nutrition and fitness. Congrats and keep up the strong work.

      • tx shan…i definitely would not be able to do it without the encouragement of my crossfit family…i was just reading an article today on crossfit journal about how people think that we just do crossfit for the “beach bodies” and while that’s a little true MOST of the time i cannot wait to go to the gym and workout. its about more than losing weight its about living healthy and knowing that you are being healthy…crossfit has really made me take a look at what is important and that my health is paramount…and thank you for helping me with my health fight!! i know that i definitely feel better being active and on meds instead of just expecting meds alone to work….crossfit and its members have given me the strength to keep going and to never give up on your own body…because let’s face it, when it comes to health you can either be your biggest downfall or your greatest strength. Its up to the individual to decide if they want to be healthy! Again i thank my crossfit family for the support that i need to go on and get better and constantly improve. Because of you guys nothing will ever be “good enough” i will always want to push myself further and further!!

  5. I started Crossfit in August 2012. My first Crossfit Total was 225. In October 2012, my total was 289 lbs. And today (4/3/13) – yay- 359 lbs. Next goal – 400 lbs!!! I still can’t believe I am doing this. It seemed so intimidating at first. I just turned 56 and my only regret is not starting Crossfit much earlier in life because I think this program is the best for all round fitness and good health. Thanks for being here, pushing and prodding me to go outside my comfort zone.

    • Yay Patti!! You should be so proud of yourself! That 6am commitment and dedication is obviously paying off:) Keep up the strong work, the best is yet to come!!

  6. The Crossfit trainers are amazing. They are kind and patient and always make me push myself to do my personal best. I feel like each and every one of them truly care about the athletes and they are always so ridiculously supportive and knowledgeable. I love how they can look at my form and tell me exactly what small tweak will help. I have been doing Crossfit at home for a few years but was hesitant to join because I’m a little introverted – Crossfit has been so great for my physical and mental self. Everyone is truly so positive and uplifting. It’s rare that a group of individuals will workout to the point of dripping sweat and still be smiling and joking! I’ve NEVER had this type of experience. It’s awesome and I am so glad I joined.

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