How Do I Get Started?

New students are required to attend our ON-RAMP program before attending a regular group class.   There is an initial investment for 8 ON-RAMP sessions of $200.

On Ramp sessions are available by appointment, generally at 6:30PM, on select nights during the week.

For those who are unable to make the above class times, we are happy to offer private Personal Training sessions specific to the ON-RAMP curriculum for $250.  This will include all skills and instruction in a one-on-one setting for 6 sessions.  These sessions can be scheduled with a specific trainer according to your availability!  Private training sessions are available for $50/hour.


On-Ramp is a technique-focused, non intimidating environment where you get a lot of time and attention to many of the CrossFit movements and Olympic lifts.  Our goal is to make sure your mechanics are safe and sound before bringing in the intensity component.  You will learn the foundational movements of CrossFit, along with the methodology of why CrossFit works, and why we believe it is the best form of functional fitness.

We want you to understand that our ultimate goal is fitness over the lifespan and CrossFit is for everyone.  CrossFit states “the needs of elite athletes and the general public differ in degree not kind!”  With this mindset, it is important to realize all of our movements are completely scalable to the individual at their present fitness level.  We do expect these fitness levels to change (increase) with time and practice, however, knowing how these scaling options apply to you is another goal of our on-ramp program.

Expect to learn and perform movements you never thought possible.  Expect to see a significant change in mind and body.  Expect to challenge yourself at YOUR OWN pace.  Expect to join an incredible community of individuals.  Expect to work hard, and most importantly, EXPECT TO HAVE FUN!!

Please call for more information-

209-532-6377 or email us today at


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