Hang Clean


Advanced/RX athletes should work up to a heavy set of 2 unbroken hang cleans

All others should use this as an opportunity to challenge themselves with moderate loads, while establishing an appropriate weight for the wod…almost like WOD prep.



5 clean+hang clean (155/115#)

15 ring push ups

100m med ball run (20/14#)

100m run

**1 rep is 1 clean+1 hang clean, without setting the bar down between the 2 movements.  Therefore, athletes should have a weight established beforehand, that they can successfully perform at least 1 rep unbroken with.  More advanced athletes can string together as many as possible, as long as the clean+hang clean is performed in succession.  If the bar is dropped between the two movements, the rep does not count.  ALL REPS ARE FULL SQUAT CLEANS.

**For the med ball runs, athletes may carry the ball however they choose.  After completing the med ball run, drop the ball and run an additional 100m.




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