07/05/2017 No Childcare The Remainder of This Week

Hope everyone had a safe and sane Independence Day and you didn’t end up like this at the end of the eve!


THE Double Under


For time

100 double unders

21 deadlifts (225/155#)

21 ring dips

50 double unders

15 deadlifts

15 ring dips

50 double unders

9 deadlifts

9 ring dips

100 double unders

There will be no childcare for the remainder of this week.  Amelia is attending the Fair with her kids and their animals.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!  Parents, please feel free to bring your children, but we do ask that you enforce the gym rules of “no kids on the mats or equipment, including swinging on the structure.”  It is truly safest when they are on the other side of the black half wall behind the GHD’s.  They are welcome to watch movies and play inside the kids room, and use the internet for their electronic devices!  Don’t let kids dissuade you from getting your workout in, even if your wod is occasionally interrupted!


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