06/30/2017 GI Jane

Last performed 12/30/2016


EMOM for 15 minutes

3 bodyweight back squats, warm up slowly to your working set.


GI Jane

100 burpee pull ups for time (scale to burpee ring row or burpee jumping pull up if you can reach the lower bars)

“Strategy is crucial during this workout. If you try to do 100 straight reps, you’ll blow up and it’ll take forever. It’s easier to stay out of a hole all together than to try to crawl out of one.

Follow a rep structure that allows for constant movement, but won’t allow you to burn out too early.  Perhaps 1 burpee-pullup rep every 5 seconds. Other people may like 5 reps every 30 seconds.

You could also do 10-to-1 ladders. Do 10 reps, and then walk across the room as your active recovery. Do 9 reps, and then walk. Perform 8 reps, and then walk. Countdown all the way to 1 rep, and then repeat the ladder again. That’s 100 total reps.

You can cram a ton of work into 10 minutes if you push yourself. You may feel as if the walls are closing in around you—and that’s OK. Take a break, and then get going again.

After your last rep, ask yourself: Could you have gone 15 seconds faster?”- Men’s Health Magazine



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