06/26/2017 Balls to the Wall Again!

Why It’s So Important To WRITE DOWN YOUR WORKOUTS!!  

**That which is measured gets improved!  I’m sure there are actual psychological reasons behind why this works, but everyone knows that you get better results when you exercise if you know EXACTLY what you need to lift or how fast you need to run to get stronger and better.  If you did 30 push ups in a row last week, then this week you should have “31! 31! 31!” emblazoned in your mind while doing them…and sure enough you’ll get to 31.  On top of that, if you’re constantly keeping track of what you eat, taking measurements, and tracking your workouts, you will always be thinking “healthy!” and thus make healthier decisions on a more consistent basis.

Last performed 12/21/2017


5 rounds for quality

10 slam balls

50 m sprint (****and I mean SPRINT)


12 min AMRAP

30 hang squat snatch (75/45#)

30 GHD sit ups

rest 3 minutes then perform

3 attempts max handstand hold against the wall



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