06/08/2017 Farewell Coach Jorden!

We are sure gonna miss this kid!! Good Luck Coach Jorden, your absence will be felt more than you know!

Coach Jorden is off to his next adventure!!  He is moving to Oregon for some amazing life experiences and some new scenery!  We wish you the best Coach.  We love and miss you already!


Pyramid Barbell Curls

with a partner…(75/45#)


Partner 1 performs the odd # reps, then passes the bar to Partner 2, who then does the even # reps.  Repeat this switching until you clumb up and down the pyramid.



for time…


Clean (135/95 lbs)

Ring dips

Elizabeth is one of the CrossFit benchmark GIRLS.  The workout first appeared on the main site September 12, 2003.

RX Goal Times:

Elite: Sub 3:00

Level 3: 3:00-4:00

Level 2: 4:00-7:00

Level 1: 7:00-10:00


**Break up the first round if needed, otherwise maintain an unbroken pace throughout the entire workout.

**Pick you least efficient movement and focus on the mechanics.  Make up time on your most efficient movement.

Movement Scaling

Clean: reduce weight so that you can perform efficiently for 15 unbroken reps.

Dips: perform banded, jumping, bar, bent leg, box or bench dips



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