06/01/2017 Don’t Forget to Check In!!

STEP 1:  Locate the tablet at the front desk.  Type in the first few letters of your name.  Select your name from the drop down list.

Step 2: Select which class or open gym time you are attending.

Step 3: See your name in lights!! (autographs can be signed after your WOD).

Today is the first day of our LIVE Push Press Gym Management software!  We are excited to use this awesome tool.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the smartphone member app that is coming down the pipeline!  Don’t forget to check in to see your name on the big screen.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Hopefully everyone has recovered from Memorial Day Murph for today’s workout…


75 back squats (135/95#)


If your back squat PR is less than the RX’d weight, scale accordingly.  Scaled option is half of your back squat PR.  Example: If your back squat PR is 130#, use 65# for the workout.


Every time the bar is racked, 15 burpees must be performed, before you begin your next attempt.  If you can do all 75 reps unbroken…then NO BURPEES!!



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