05/18/2017 Don’t Miss Luc’s Run This Saturday 5/20!

Register for the Virtual Run if you can’t make it on Saturday!!  Our CFS runners will be meeting at the Tuolumne Park Gazebo at 0830 am!  For those of you CFS ladies that are carrying Luc’s American Flag during the 6 mile run, Stacy Berger will meet you there and you all can make a plan.  

Join us this Memorial Day, May 29th, for our Annual Murph Challenge!  We will be running 9 and 10:30 AM Murph Workouts.  CLICK the LINK to register and get your official MURPH t-shirt and to donate to the Lt Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  Encourage your family and friends to take part in this annual tradition WITH you.  Get outside, start training, do it together, and accomplish something great.

Murph Challenge


800 m run


DB deadlift (athlete chooses weight)

wall balls (20/14 lbs)

800 m run

Thank you to all those who have filled out their new billing information online!  If you still have not received that email link to set up your new PushPress account, please let us know!!



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