05/05/2017 Happy Cinco de Mayo!





1 min ON, 1 min OFF for 10 minutes total

30 kb swings (2/1 pood)

***You will have ONE minute to perform 30 kb swings.  If you do not make the 30 reps within the minute, count a penalty each time.  Pick a partner and have them count for you.  While one partner is working, the other is counting and performing continuous flutter kicks.  HIGH FIVE your partner to switch!***

***think about QUICK transitions!***

***one penalty = 1000 m row after the WOD***

Don’t forget to update your membership information for our new Push Press software!  You may have already, or will be receiving an email to update your information.  We will go live with our new check in system, beginning June 1st!  A few of you have already signed your electronic waivers, and learned how to check in.  There will be a tablet at the front counter, where you will simply click on your name to check in, and you will see your name in lights up on the TV screen!  You’ll all be famous!  This will give our members the ability to change their credit card info, manage memberships, track their attendance and many other options.  We are excited to bring you the most up to date gym management software on the market!  


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