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AMRAP 25 minutes

10 ring push ups

10 supine ring row pullups

10 T2B

From BoxRox.com

5 Vital Tips for Improving your Hydration

Hydration is something many of us don’t think about enough, but it has a huge impact on our performance.

The weather is starting to warm-up now! Without proper hydration levels many aspects of your performance become hugely affected, for example:

Water is used for cooling the body, so a lack of hydration can lead to fatigue, which of course, affects performance. Dehydration of 3% can lead to physiologic dysfunction and increase the chances of a CrossFitter developing an exertional heat illness (i.e. heat cramps, heat exhaustion, even heat stroke).

Water should be your main source of hydration. It can be sparkling and even flavored. But be careful that nothing unhealthy has been added, such as artificial ingredients and flavors. Soda, juice and other ‘soft’ drinks should be avoided since your body won’t allow those liquids to help with hydration until after it processes the soda or excess sugar.


Electrolytes are also necessary for hydration. Most people don’t know it, but you can actually drink too much water. If all you do is drink water and never supplement with electrolytes, you will deplete your electrolytes stores and that can throw your sodium levels out of balance. If over hydration continues, you might develop hyponatremia (low sodium levels), which can lead to cramping, seizures, nausea and vomiting. So, make sure you supplement your diet with electrolytes, unless you are already eating processed food, which already contain high levels of sodium, which most people are!!…

Proper hydration leads to:

better brain function
more energy (resulting in better workouts!)

It also helps to prevent:

hypertension (high blood pressure)
headaches, among other ailments
There are endless benefits to drinking water, and big disadvantages to not drinking enough.  Drink water and stay at the top of your game!

1. START YOUR DAY WITH WATER  Drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning. By drinking 2 glasses of water when you wake up, you are essentially lubricating your machine (body) and getting things ‘flowing’.

2. HAVE A DAILY GOAL  Set a goal each day for how much you are going to drink. Determine whether you are going to have a hard training day or a lighter one and adjust accordingly. Carry a water bottle and try to drink at least 100 ounces a day, especially in the summer if you are outside a lot or planning to do a hard workout.

3. ADD ELECTROLYTES  Add electrolytes to your water. It can be as easy as adding some pink Himalayan salt to your water, or if you have been very active, add an electrolyte mix. Coconut water, for example, can add taste and electrolytes into your diet.

Good hydration = Solid performance
4. CARRY A WATER BOTTLE  Carry water with you, wherever you go. Most of us are busy all day and moving from place to place. Carrying a water bottle will help you to remember to drink.

5. HYDRATE PRIOR TO WORKING OUT  Drink cold water prior to working out. It helps restore hydration levels to your body, improves the performance of your workout, and helps lower your body temperature. This allows you to perform at a higher level before your core body temperature starts to rise.



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