03/13/2017 Monday EMOM Madness

Team Chafing the Dream was in the ALOHA 17.3 spirit!

This week’s OPEN Spirit Week Theme is Luck O’ The Irish.  This Friday we will host CrossFit Oakdale for 17.4.  We will begin running heats at 3:30 this week for anyone who would like to come in and get their workout in early due to St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  The 17.4 After Party (aka Suzy’s Bday) will be at the Standard Pour immediately following your workout!


EMOM for 15 minutes

Minute 1: 3 deadlifts at 80% 1 RM

Minute 2: 8 GHD sit ups

Minute 3: 30 double unders

rest 5 minutes then perform…

EMOM for 12 minutes

Minute 1: 10 HSPU

Minute 2: 10 dips

Minute 3: 10 slam balls (40/25#)

And the BEST DRESSED award goes to…Leeann Lupo!



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