03/06/2017 Open 17.2 Spirit Week in the Books!


Team Rect’Em’s Dark Side. (no pun intended)


A few of the crew at CrossFit Oakdale.

A HUGE shout out to CrossFit Oakdale for hosting us for 17.2!  We celebrated our second Open Spirit Week with a Star Wars theme and it was AMAZING to see the participation.  Check out our Facebook LIVE posts to see some of our Coaches and Athletes who performed the workout at CrossFit Oakdale.  We had many athletes that RX’d their first WOD, got their first pull ups, and even some took the Judges Course this week!  Congrats to all those who gained some new-found confidence this week.  We could not be more proud of our CFS Family.  We are loving the participation across the board, not just those who registered for the OPEN!!

Last Week’s Best Dressed Male:  Jake Lucchesi

Last Week’s Best Dressed Female:  Christina Bonetti

Honorable Mention: Michelle Ronning (for the handmade, 80’s Glitter CFS sweatshirt)

This week’s OPEN Spirit Theme is Hawaiian Tropic.  Let’s have some more fun with this one!  This Friday, we will start the OPEN heats at 3:30pm for those who’d like to get it done early.  Please consider bringing a snack to share and we will provide the drinks!  Bring your family and friends to cheer you on and if you can get them to dress for the theme, you’ll earn points for your team!!

Star Wars Best Dressed Female:  Becky Niven (C3PO)

Star Wars Best Dressed Male:  Jeremiah Hyde (Movie Quality Storm Trooper)

Honorable Mention:  Carly Lucchesi (for the Blow Up BB-8)





100 Thrusters for time (95/65#)

***Each time you set your bar down you must do a Farmer’s Carry out the back roll up door around to the front roll up door. (50/35 lbs)


Amelia and her Storm Pooper, err…I mean TROOPER, Jeremiah.


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