02/16/2017 Squad Goals


Don’t miss our IN HOUSE Team Competition and OPEN Spirit Weeks!  On Thursday, 2/23, the Team Captains will “draft” their players.  Don’t miss the action and start planning your wardrobe.  It’s about to go down!  Help your team earn it’s spot on the CFS Wall of Fame!  Earn team points and individual prizes by showing your team spirit, getting a PR or skill, signing up for the Judge’s Course, submitting your score on time each week, or being team with the rockstar wardrobe!  There are so many ways to earn points for your team…register now for the 2017 OPEN to be part of the fun!  Visit http://www.crossfit.com and click on Games heading!


Hang Power Clean



4 rounds

:30 HPC

:30 Front Rack Hold

:30 burpees

:30 plank hold

:30 pullups

:30 hollow hold

:30 goblet squats

:30 squat hold (unweighted)

1 min rest




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