02/13/2107 Friday Night Lights-OPEN 2017

cfs-outline-logo imagesIf you haven’t yet registered for the 2017 OPEN, there is still time!  This year we will be making the whole process so much fun that you surely will NOT want to miss out!  For the 2017 OPEN we will be having our own friendly competition within our box.  Think High School Homecoming style with weekly themes, team spirit, and prizes!

Here’s how it will work:

Each athlete that registers for the OPEN will be “drafted” by a Team Captain on Thursday 2/23.  Any additional members that register after the 23rd will be assigned to a team.  Each week, team members can accumulate points for their team or get the chance to earn prizes,  just by participating!  At the end of the 5 week OPEN competition, points will be tallied and the winning team will earn a plaque with their team photo, to be placed on the CFS Wall of Fame, along with bragging rights for 1 full year!!  We will be posting a list of points that athletes can earn for their teams up on the whiteboard (a PR, a new skill, sign up for the judges course, post a pic to social media, wear CFS apparel, most accessories worn, best dressed, etc)  Each Thursday, workouts will be announced at 5 pm.  All Friday classes at CFS will perform the workouts.  “Friday Night Lights” will be held during the 5:30 pm class each week.  Following the WOD, we will have social (aka cocktail) hour, snacks, and a whole lotta TEAM spirit!  If you choose not to participate in the OPEN, we will still need your spirit to cheer on your buddies, and sign up for the Judges Course to help validate workouts!  Check out our weekly themes and start planning your costumes!

Weekly Themes

Week 1-17.1 2/24 80’s/Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Week 2-17.2 3/3 Star Wars (we will be traveling to CrossFit Oakdale for this one!)

Week 3-17.3 3/10 Hawaiian Tropic

Week 4-17.4 3/17 Luck O’ the Irish (we will host CrossFit Oakdale here at our box)

Week 5-17.5 3/24 Super Heroes

Click the links below to register TODAY!

OPEN 2017

Judge’s Course


Back Squat

work up to a heavy 3 rep set and then perform at the same weight…

EMOM for 8 minutes

3 back squats



10 man makers (45/25#)

15 GHD situps

20 box jumps (24/20″)

100 m barbell carry (135/95#)


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