01/31/2017 Goin’ Up! (the Snatch Ladder)

I’ll just leave this video right here…

Perhaps a little motivation for today’s workout!?  Pay particular attention to Froning’s full extension and speed in dropping under the barbell.  The snatch is one of the most technical lifts we do, so don’t get disgruntled and discouraged if you don’t look like this.  (But you should at least PRETEND you look like this, in your head).  It’s a continual “work-in-progress” for almost every single one of us.  Enjoy and embrace the journey of learning the snatch, because the destination of doing it flawlessly can sometimes be elusive!


Snatch Ladder

10 snatches (95/65#) by minute 2:00

8 snatches (115/75#) by minute 4:00

6 snatches (135/95#) by minute 6:00

4 snatches (155/105#) by minute 8:00

2 snatches (185/125#) by minute 10:00

This 10 minute snatch ladder should be challenging, so plan your weights accordingly.  Be prepared by having your plates ready!  You will not want to waste time running to get more plates.  If you miss the time cap on any of the above sets, you will simply have a little more rest before the Finisher, so you better plan to go hard on the second part!  Everyone will start the FINISHER together.

rest 5 minutes then complete the following FINISHER…


OHS (115/75#)

GHD sit ups


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