01/11/2017 Double Hump Day


Double Unders

2 Rounds

50 singles

20 singles+10 double unders

max unbroken double unders

If the last time you touched a jump rope was in grade school, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  Jumping rope improves stamina and conditioning while building speed and agility. But even if you’re coordinated, there’s a learning curve to mastering any new movement. Plenty of CrossFit devotees and jump rope lovers struggle with double unders. And since messing up means literally whipping yourself with the rope, practicing can become frustrating fast.

Mistake #1: Using your whole arm to move the rope.

The fix: It’s all in the wrist.  Start off with the single bounce (one jump per revolution of the rope) to get comfortable. A quick flick of the wrist should be all you need to keep things moving for single jumps.

Mistake #2: Jumping with your feet too close together.

The fix: your feet should be hip-distance apart. This stable base will give you control to perform a more coordinated jump.

Mistake #3: Launching into a pike or dolphin kick position in the air.

Shooting your legs out into a pike position or “dolphin kick” may seem as though it will earn you some extra time to swing the rope around. In reality though, you’ll land heavier and take more time to recover and rebound into your next jump.

The fix:  keeping your legs right under you in the air so they’re prepared to rebound as quickly as possible after landing on the balls of your feet.

Mistake #4: Letting your arms float away from your body.

The fix: You want your elbows close to your rib cage. Your arms should remain relatively motionless while naturally extending from the elbows, since your wrists should be doing all the work of turning the rope.

Mistake #5: Changing your rope every time you work out.

The fix: Size up your strand before you start jumping.  The handles of the rope should hit between the breastbone and the armpits if you’re stepping on the rope with one foot. Much of the double under is about rhythm and timing, so learning on the rope you want to end up with, be that a heavier or mid-weight rope or a lighter speed rope. Using the same rope every time can only help you.


3 K Row

make sure you record your times and treat this as a benchmark!


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