01/06/2016 The Bear Complex

Jeanne got a big front squat PR last week!  Pure awesomeness!

Jeanne got a big front squat PR last week! Pure awesomeness!


2 x 2 complex

1 x 2 complex

1 x 5 complex

WOD:  No RX weight!  SCORE=Heaviest weight unbroken in all 5 rounds!

The Bear Complex

5 rounds

7 sets of the following complex…

power clean

front squat

push press

back squat

push press (off back)

no dropping the bar during the complex, take as much rest as needed between sets.  Add weight each round. Athletes should go as heavy as safely possible!  This is slow, controlled and progressive.

The Bear Complex consists of 5 barbell exercises performed back to back without resting. Each exercise flows naturally into the next. You begin by power cleaning a barbell off the ground. With the barbell now resting at shoulder level perform a front squat. The third exercise in the Bear sequence is the push press. Using momentum, press the barbell over you head and lower it back down in a controlled manner to the back of your shoulders. From this position you will perform a back squat. After the back squat, perform one more push press, returning the bar to the front of your body and then back to the ground.

Perform this circuit 7 times without stopping. This is called one round.

One round requires performing the Bear Complex 7 times without resting.

5 total rounds equals a complete Bear Complex workout. You may rest in between rounds. Add weight during each round, working up to your heaviest during the final round – round 5.


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