01/05/2016 Get your GAZA Teams Together!!

Sign up sheets are at the Front Desk, please take a couple extra flyers and distribute to your friends!

Team Style (2,3, or 4 athletes split the work) or individual!  Sign up sheets are at the Front Desk, please take a couple extra flyers and distribute to your friends!  Join us for our biggest fundraiser and HERO WOD of the year!!  


PREREGISTER your teams for our 2nd Annual GAZA Hero WOD!  All teams or individuals will be placed into heats prior to our event!

Barbell Club resumes this Monday, January 9th at 6:30 pm.  Cost is $60 for members and $80 for non-members.  Contact Jorden for questions or to sign up today!!  209-768-6265.


for time…

100 cal row

90 air squats

80 calorie row

70 ab mat sit ups

60 calorie row

50 pullups

40 calorie row

30 ring dips

20 calorie row


**air assault bikes can also be subbed for row if classes are large or you really want a good butt kickin’!! 😉

Why We Use The Assault Air Bike
Written by Invictus Intern Ben Middleton

“In CrossFit, cardio-based exercises can include running, swimming, rowing, and now…. the Assault Air Bike! What’s so special about the Assault Air Bike?

The Assault Air Bike is a great ‘default to’ exercise. If running or rowing is currently something you are unable to do due to injury, the Assault Air Bike is a great way to modify that movement in your workout. If you have a rolled ankle or a quad or hip flexor strain, the Assault Air Bike provides a good option for exercising safely. It could potentially be a great tool for rehabilitation as it provides safe movement with no impact. It also allows the area of the injury to move and provide blood flow to the area to aid in recovery.

The Assault Air Bike is also great for metabolic conditioning, as it can help break through plateaus in your training. If your aerobic capacity is not feeling as if it has improved, the Assault Air Bike is a great way to incorporate interval training to build your aerobic capacity without losing strength and muscle mass [1][2].

The Assault Air Bike can also enhance your mindset. If you have ever used the Assault Air Bike at high intensity, I am sure you would agree that it is not easy. The Assault Air Bike is a great test of mental toughness and how to sustain a positive mindset through pain.

The Assault Air Bike provides active recovery benefits as well. If your rest days consist of sitting around with no mobilizing, odds are that your recovery is probably not fantastic. Of course, mobilization can benefit your recovery if it includes smashing or rolling out sore spots, but increasing blood flow to different areas of the body can also benefit your recovery. You can get the blood flowing by going for a walk or even a ‘light’ row, but the Assault Air Bike can be another great tool for recovery. I’m not encouraging you to hop on and bike at a particularly high intensity; just pick a moderate pace that will get your heart rate going for at least ten minutes.

Of course, feel free to use the Assault Air Bike when you are in the gym, either as a warm up if you are early to class, or just to find out how the bike feels. If you do have an injury that you are currently rehabbing and you are still attending classes, the Assault Air Bike can be a great solution for you to replace any movements that you are currently unable to do. Of course, as always, confirm this with your coach first!”



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