01/02/2017 Happy New Year! Dress Warm!



Start 2017 off with a BANG!  Come see what CrossFit Sonora is doing to help you achieve your fitness goals this year.  Drop in to our state-of-the-art CrossFit box for a FREE class.  Call us to inquire about our special offers.  Join us in our journey to life-long health and fitness, not just prepping for the next competition.

Those promises you made have gotta begin. If you’re serious about keeping these plans here are some tips for success.

Before you start, plan out as much as possible, make a note of what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.  If you have a training plan, or a dietary meal planner to stick to, have them stuck to the fridge and cross them off every time they’re completed.
Test Yourself!
It’s common for people to not want initial data on weight or body fat when they start training, I guess we’d rather not know the bad news. Get a proper body fat score, take measurements, and take a before picture of yourself.  You don’t even have to tell anyone, but those numbers should be written down!
Get prepared nutritionally
There are some fantastic websites and Facebook pages you can follow for varied and sound advice.  DON’T Cabbage soup diet, or Atkins, or Cambridge, or any of these fad diets to drop weight quickly.  Find some healthy, easily prepared, able to be frozen meals and snacks and Tupperware or freezer bags. The shopping and cooking is a bit of a bummer to begin with but you soon become expert at it and it gets easier.  Use your days off to do a little meal prep.
Don’t just train with someone, train with lots of someones
It’s well documented that getting together with a training partner helps to keep you honest. BUT having someone who is a close friend or family member often means it can be easy to back out of planned sessions because your training partner is quicker to forgive. Train with 2 or three people (or a group) if you can, and be as unforgiving with them as you want them to be with you.
Pick something you enjoy.
Pick something you enjoy and do it regularly.  If you hate the gym, don’t join one, if you despise the treadmill or cross trainer then stay off of them and do some tabata instead.  Join a team, swim, hike, ride a bike or do YOGA with KIM!!  Anything you enjoy will help keep you focused.
Be S.M.A.R.T.
make each goal Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Repeatable and Timed. “I want to lose some weight” is far too vague; how much do you want to lose, and by when, and is it realistic, and could it be done again? Even better than weight loss, make it about HEALTH and FITNESS and your actual workouts.  Record your results daily!
Sign on
Can your goals culminate in an event? A 5K, a 10K, a half marathon even?  If there’s something to train for, it gets you outta bed, into your gym shoes, and out the door.
WOD:  Make sure you dress warm and wear layers!!  May want to include gloves and a beanie just in case, especially for the early and late classes!

100 cal Air Assault bike (It’s OK, we ALL hate the assault bike, you won’t be alone.)

1 mile run (It’s OK if you can’t run, come anyway.)

100 double unders (It’s OK if you can’t do double unders, you should still get your butt to the gym.)



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