12/13/2016 Turkish Tuesday


Turkish Tuesday got me like…


Turkish Get Ups

4 reps (2 each side) every 2 minutes on the top of the minute for 20 minutes.

Increase your weight each round to find your 2 rep max.  If you build to a heavy set and are unable to increase your weight, then stick with that weight for the remainder of the SWOD.


Generally speaking, in our gym, we start on step #4, but this is a fairly good illustration of a turkish get up. Between steps 7 and 8, we like to see the athlete push the hips up into a bridge, then sweep the leg underneath. But overall, a great picture of what needs to be accomplished.


15 min AMRAP

6 hang squat snatch (95/65#)

9 plyo push ups

12 box jumps (24/20″)



2 thoughts on “12/13/2016 Turkish Tuesday

  1. Thank u to all the coaches for your continued encouragement. Thank u Nic for your strong, specific assessment of my capabilities, scrutinizing my performance and suggesting that I reach out to excel. Love u ALL!

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