10/28/2016 CFS OPEN BAR


CrossFit Sonora announces its inaugural “OPEN BAR” Barbell Club, beginning Monday, November 7th, 2016.  Open Bar will be led by CF-L1 and certified USA Weightlifting Coach, Jorden Woodworth.  Open Bar will consist of 6 week cycles of strength, accessory work, and the Oly lifts; cleans, jerks and snatches.  Cost is $60 per cycle for CFS members and $80 per cycle for non-CFS members.  First cycle will include the official  limited edition CFS Open Bar Barbell Club T-shirt!  Sessions will be approximately 90 minutes and will include the warmup, oly variations, strength and accessory work.  The goal will be to develop power and speed under the bar.

Open Bar Schedule

Mondays 6:30p

Wednesdays 1:00p

Fridays 6:30p

Programming will be posted to a private Facebook page so that you can come in to complete the session during any Open Gym time.  For questions, contact Jorden at 209-768-6265.


Row 250m
15 Front Squat (95/65lbs)
AMRAP 12min

The goal for today should be 4+ rounds in the 12min. Top performers will get closer to 6. Between 2-3min rounds is roughly what people should aim to hold. Being consistent across the Workout is a great plan for achieving the goal.

The Barbell needs to be taken from the ground for the Front Squats.  The standard for the SDHP is Barbell above nipple line with elbows above the bar.  The Row shouldn’t take longer than 1min.

We have included some heavy Front Squats for strength prior to the WOD. Use these sets as build up sets, increasing weight each set with the goal of the last set being really heavy.


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