Sprint 200m
Rest 2min
3 Rounds
Sprint 400m
Rest 3min
2 Rounds
Sprint 800m
1 Round

Sprinting Workout today! Notice we wrote ‘Sprinting’ and not ‘Running. 🙂 We really do want you to Sprint, or run as hard as you can for each effort, because no one can really sprint 800m! The work to rest ratio is roughly double, so you should get good recovery between each effort. The total Running volume is 2.2km. Today is about quality over quantity.

Scoring = Total Time. Make sure you record each effort in your log or myWOD app so you can have it for next time.  These are benchmark running numbers!

With regards to today, we want you to pace each effort, not across the workout. For a 200m, it is just go fast the whole way. For a 400m and 800m, you need to have some strategy, otherwise you will detonate after about 250m. We want each effort to be done hard, whatever that means to each athlete. This means that you will start to feel slower across the efforts, but that’s expected.  You will surprise yourselves with how you can still maintain speed even while you are fatigued.

* If needed, modify Running to Rowing.

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