CFS members geared up for the Memorial Chad Workout

CFS members geared up for the Memorial Chad Workout


Assault Bike 50/40cals
30 Thruster (135/95lbs)
Run 800m
15min +
25 Hang Squat Clean (135/95lbs)

For the first 3 sections, you have 5min to get each movement done.  You should do each movement really hard!  You get to rest the remaining time left in those 5min sections. For the last section, the 25 Hang Squat Cleans, you have as long as it takes. However, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 min, but you may be fatigued from the previous movements AND it is Squat Cleans, and we all know those catch up with you real quick!

Scoring = Time taken to complete each one added together to get one total time. This means you need to keep track of how long each movement takes for the four sections. It also means you can’t sandbag a particular movement and go harder on another. Every second counts!

The Assault Bike is one of those things that for some people, is really, really challenging and for others, they can crank through the calories in no time (usually the bigger guys). So, some people may get up to 2min rest afterwards, others may not get any rest. NOOO PROBLEMO, right?! It’s the first movement, so you’ll be fresh. You will also be able to make up some rest time in the next few movements. Hopefully…

The load on the Thrusters should feel moderate.  You probably won’t be able to do all 30 unbroken.  You will probably need to break it up into a few sets. By the time you get to the Squat Cleans, you may be doing them in singles or short sets just to get through them. Keep moving through these as quickly as you can, since it’s the last movement!


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