Marisa and Katie rockin' the PPE for the Memorial Chad WOD.

Marisa and Katie rockin’ the PPE for the Memorial Chad WOD.


100m Single Arm DB Farmers Carry (45/25lbs)
8 DB Alternating Arms Power Snatch
10 DB Row in Plank
8 Rounds

Remember last week when we posted the importance of the unilateral type dumbbell movements??  Here’s another chance to monopolize on the dynamic effects of dumbbell use!

We have used a similar Rep/Round sequence as last Tuesday. Also with Dumbbells, but with different movements. This was intentional, but for no magical reason, other than sometimes a little repetition is fun.  And… 8 rounds is that sweet number that feels a lot more than 5, even if the weight is light and the reps are low.  Yet it isn’t quite 10 rounds, so you still need to try sprint through it!

The Dumbbell weight is intended to be pretty light for all categories.  You should be able to perform all the movements unbroken each round with no problem.  The Farmers Carry is 50m on one arm and the other 50m on the other arm.  The Power Snatches need to be done alternating and from the ground.  The Rows are also done alternating arms. The Dumbbell needs to be rowed into the armpit. Ensure you don’t twist your body too much to perform the movement. The weight should be light enough that you should not feel the need to do that.

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