10/17/2016 Remembering Chad

chadharris images-9
In October of each year, many CFS family members recall the Hero WOD that we performed initially in 2009 for a friend and colleague, Michael Chad Harris. Chad was a local firefighter at Columbia College and Sonora City Fire Department, before he furthered his career at Woodbridge Fire District.  He was another close friend to many of our trainers and past and present CFS members.  Along with Eva Schicke, John Berger, Lucas Greunther, Bobby Rapp and so many others, the loss of Chad was sudden and tragic.  His Tuolumne County friends were devastated when he was struck by a car and killed in August of 2009.  He continues to be loved, missed and remembered here in our hometown.  The “Chad” event was originally performed at the old location of Wright’s Tire and was put together as a “Fill the Boot” type fundraiser to benefit the Chad Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Seven years later, we repeat the workout we affectionately named the “Chad WOD”.  Another of CrossFit Sonora’s very own Hero WOD’s, created in the year of our inception, especially for Chad.  Please join us for the workout during regularly scheduled class times 6am, 9am, 10:30am, 3:30pm OPEN GYM, 4:30pm, 5:30pm.  18901 Microtronics Way, Sonora.

Chad’s hockey jersey was number 22…


2011 Chad


1 RFT (in full turnouts)

22 pullups
22 box jumps (20″/18″)
22 sledge hammer swings (10#)
22 push press (75/55#)
100ft sprint with sandbag (100/50#)

ALL athletes are STRONGLY encouraged to wear a turnout jacket and pants, (this adds a whole new element to the workout and a new appreciation of fire personnel!) or a 35lb vest. Helmets are available, but optional.  (Firefighters may bring personal gear and perform the workout with SCBA, on air.)  Special thank you to Twain Harte Fire Department for providing turnout gear for our workout today. 

Workout Brief:

You will start on the pullups and then proceed to the next station carrying a #100/50 (approx. weight) sandbag.  Your sandbag will need to be carried from one station to the next, any way you’d like.  You may not proceed to the next station, unless you have your sandbag.  Can’t do pullups or don’t know what a push press is??  Coaches will assist you and scaling options are available!!  This is meant to celebrate Chad and he would want it to be a hell of a fun time!


Chad WOD 2012

Chad WOD 2009

Chad WOD 2009

This WOD is designed for athletes to get an idea of some everyday firefighting tasks:
Pullups= self extrication
Box jumps/step ups= going up stairs, jumping
Sledge Hammer= breaching walls, forcible entry, etc.
Push press= pulling ceiling
Sand bag carry represents a buddy rescue or equipment carry around the fire grounds.

2010 CHAD WOD as prescribed



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