10/15/2016 Buddy WOD Saturday and Rainy Day Yoga to Follow!!


Come on in out of the rain for a fun packed Saturday Buddy workout followed by a relaxing stretch session with Kim.  After your workout, relax on the mats, stretch your tired muscles and listen to the pitter patter of rain on the roof!  What an awesome way to start off the weekend.


Partner 1: Holds Barbell in the Front Rack while
Partner 2: performs 1 round
12 Box Jumps (24/20”)
6 Burpees
12 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
* Switch until both Partners have performed 5 rounds of each station.
* Use 60% of 1 Rep Max Front Squat for the load.
* 3 Burpee Penalty performed at the end each time someone drops the weight.

A total of 10 rounds. Both Partners need to complete 5 rounds of both the Front Rack Hold and the Triplet. If anyone needs to put the Barbell down at any time during the workout, you get a 3 Burpee penalty. Add the Burpees up and then perform them at the END of the 10 rounds. The partners can split the Burpees however you like. Only one person is working at a time. Your time ends once you complete all your penalty Burpees.

The rep scheme is designed so that the athlete can move through it unbroken and relatively fast, not leaving your Partner standing in that Front Rack for any longer than you need to! Yikes. The Triplet should roughly take you around 1.5-2min to perform. The person who is performing the Triplet cannot start until your Partner has the Barbell in the Front Rack position.  You can take the Barbell from a rack if you’re going heavy!!   Otherwise take it from the ground.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The load is pretty heavy. The Bar will start to slide down your body if you don’t get a really good rack position at the start. It is also a real mental challenge to keep holding on to the Barbell when it starts slipping.  Use the Prep portion to figure out what load you are going to be able to handle. Ideally you won’t want to do any burpees, but don’t let that be a reason to slack off!



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