10/13/2016 Strength and Skills


Part 1:
Snatch Balance
1 – 1 – 1

Part 2:
Squat Snatch
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Today, the main focus is to really nail down good movement in those Snatch Balances and to go heavy on the Squat Snatches.  Be prepared to treat the Prep work as a STRENGTH wod as well!

We kept the reps to 1 each set, as having to re-rack a heavy load onto shoulders is a hard skill in itself and when done wrong, can have the potential of injury.  The purpose is for you to understand the movement, why it is used and to drill proficiency, as well as develop confidence under the bar!

We have allocated a huge chunk of the Prep to drilling the positions for the Snatch.  By the time you are done with that, you should be ready to add weight and get into the warmup sets, then finally, the working sets.

The Snatches are done tap-and-go today. No re-setting at the bottom of each lift.

Fitness: We will also use the opportunity to work on your Overhead Squats. Even if it is with a PVC, or empty Barbell.  You will work the Snatch Balance etc with the PVC in the Prep portion and also develop good positions in the overhead squat, before loading up with weight.

Skills and Drills:

* Burgener Warmup + Drills (OH Squat/Sots Press/Snatch Drops/Pressing SB/Heaving SB/Snatch Balance)
* Squat Snatch Progressions: Hang Positions – Snatch Grip Deadlift – Full Movement


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