10/12/2016 Post WOD Yoga at 11:45am!

Don't miss YOGA today after the 10:30 workout!  Your muscles and joints will thank you...

Don’t miss YOGA today after the 10:30 workout! Your muscles and joints will thank you…

The last couple of days appeared seemingly harmless until you were smack dab in the middle of the workout, contemplating the thought of dying just a little!  Today, bring your long socks and get ready to have some fun…

But there’s a voice inside my head saying,
“You’ll never reach it.” (HELL YEAH YOU WILL!)
Every step I’m takin’  (C’MON USE YOUR LEGS!)
Every move I make feels lost with no direction, (HERE’S A TIP…GO UP!)
My faith is shakin’  (NOPE THAT’S JUST A BURN ON YOUR LEG.)

-Mylie Cyrus on Rope Climbs-or “The Climb” lyrics…


That face you make when you see Rope Climbs are the "Buy In"...

That face you make when you see Rope Climbs are the “Buy In”!


Buy In:

15 Rope Climbs
With remainder of the time:
45 Double Unders
15 Handstand Pushups

AMRAP 20min

Workouts with Rope Climbs are always fun! We have used a Buy In method so that you can stagger the start and work in groups on the climbs…i.e. you go, then a buddy goes, then a third person, and you will take turns until your “buy in” is complete.   If you don’t have Rope Climbs, modify the Climbs to Inverted Ring Rows today. Make them really hard and instead of 15, increase the reps to 20:)  If you “sort-of” have rope climbs, do as many as you can, then modify to the inverted ring rows, seated rope pulls, rope or towel pull-ups.

Aim to get around 10 rounds. Remember, the Rope Climbs are included in the 20min AMRAP. Whatever time is remaining of the 20min after you perform the Rope Climbs is what you have left to perform the Couplet. The faster you do the Climbs, the more potential rounds you can perform. 🙂

Beyond Rxd:  perform as many legless rope climbs as you can and then finish off with regular Rope Climbs. The Double Unders should be unbroken. This will start to get challenging towards the end of the workout. Make sure you take enough breathing rest before you start each set. Timing with that is important. Make the goal be how many rounds you can hold unbroken Handstand Pushup for.


Fitness: To keep the intensity high for you, use movements (Single Unders and Press) that you can continue to perform even when you are fatigued. Use a weight for the Press that you are able to perform 15 reps unbroken for at least a few rounds. This will definitely get hard for you during this workout since it is a little longer.



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