10/11/2016 Eight Is Enough

Physiological Advantages of Dumbbells

“Several physiological advantages of dumbbell training make it effective.  Perhaps one of the most significant benefits to dumbbell training is that you have to control two independent implements rather than controlling a barbell with both arms simultaneously. This makes dumbbell training a more complex neuro-motor activity when performing many exercises.

Because you are working with two independent implements, you have the opportunity to perform movements with greater variance (e.g., alternating bench press, with one arm pressing a dumbbell up while the opposite arm is lowering a dumbbell) or single-arm movements (e.g., one-arm bench press, doing all the repetitions with the same arm). For many athletes, alternating-arm exercises and single-arm exercises provide a more sport-specific way to train because many activities in sports involve single-arm movements (e.g., throwing a punch, spiking a volleyball, swinging a racket) rather than both arms moving simultaneously through the same movement pattern (Behm et al. 2011). Further, athletes rarely apply force against a balanced resistance during competition. Both alternating, single-arm, and bilateral movements provide a unique training stimulus compared with typical barbell training (Lauder and Lake 2008).”-humankinetics.com

Andriana making the heavy kettle bell swings look easy.

Andriana making the heavy kettle bell swings look easy.


6 DB Front Squat (55/35lbs)
8 DB Hang Power Clean
10 DB Feet-anchored Situps
8 Rounds

A relatively quick, simple Dumbbell Workout today. The goal time is between 8-10min, allowing for up to 12min for most people to get it done. We chose to anchor the feet during the situps so the intensity and speed stays high throughout the whole workout.

We have programmed in some heavy Dumbbell work in the Prep portion. Make sure you go heavy with this!!!… A lot of people shy away from going heavy with Dumbbells since they feel so awkward. This is why we love them!



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