10/08/2016 Team WOD Saturday with Coach Jen!



In Teams of 3:
Thruster (95/65lbs)
AMRAP 8min
* The Barbell cannot touch the ground.

Rest 2min

KB Farmers Carry (24/16kg)
As far as possible in 8min.
* The KB’s cannot touch the ground. One person working at once.

Teams of 3 today. For something different:  Only one person is working at all times, with two people resting. This means that when you are working, you need to be working really hard since you get to rest between your sets. This is one of those workouts that you need to make intense for yourselves.

If need to have some urgency between passing the Barbell/Kettlebells between each other, because the 8min will go really quickly.  So it is very important to have quick transitions and a good strategy to ensure someone is always moving really fast, then passing the weight over as soon as they start slowing down.

So, to clarify: Each team has one Barbell/set of KB between the three of them. The goal is to not put anything down during the whole working time allocated.  You need to accumulate reps for the Thrusters and meters for the Farmers Carry.  We will use a 100m or 200m course for the Carry’s to keep them close to the gym so that when 8min is up, everyone isn’t out on the 400.  Scoring = Thruster reps + Carry meters.

You can transfer the Barbell between each other however you like.  Penalty for dropping the weights will be 2 min Air Assault Sprint for each time you drop the weight, to be performed after the WOD.

As much as you can,  team up with people who are going to be using the same loads as you. What will most likely happen is that some people in the team will be able to rep out a few more during each set and others will do less. That’s fine, there is no minimum work requirement. Athletes just trade with each other when they need to.

The Thruster weight is intended to be light. Most people should be able to do 15+ reps each when it is their turn. This might decrease as time goes on, but you’ll get to rest a bit between your sets, so you should be able to hold a similar number for the whole 8min. The Farmers Carry is also light.  Pick a distance you think you can haul for each round and then switch between the three of you. The goal should be to get over 1km.



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