10/07/2016 Happy Friday!



Row 500m
15 Burpees
Rest the remainder of 4min
Straight into 1min Iron Cross Hold
5 Rounds

Each round should be done at 100%. Row as hard as you can across all 5 sets. There aren’t that many burpees per round so you should be able to do these at a pretty good pace too. We think most people will have around 1min (give or take) of rest each round. The first round will be the fastest since you are fresh and you don’t have to perform the Row directly after holding the Iron Cross*.

* To clarify: you rest the remainder of the 4min from when you start the row. Once the 4min is up, you THEN hold the Iron Cross. As soon as that minute is up, you go straight into the next round.

Scoring = Add up total time from all 5 rounds. There is no scoring for the Iron Cross portion of the workout.

For the Iron Cross , the goal is to use a load in each hand that you can hold for a minute for at least the first and maybe the second round. For most people this will be small plates, light dumbbells and for some, no load at all. You can have palms up or down, but your arms need to stay parallel to the ground for the full minute. If they need to come down, just make sure they don’t stay down there too long before going back up again!!

The Workout is pretty intense, so we are starting the session with some Mobility and Gymnastics Skill Work.  🙂


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