Outstanding work to all those who hit big Deadlift PR’s yesterday!  Honorable mention goes out to CFS athlete Neil Gamez, with a 30 lb PR on a 3 rep max of 313 lbs!


35 Toes to Bar
45 KB Swing (24/16kg)
55 Push Press (135/95lbs)
45 KB Swing
35 Toes to Bar

A one rounder, in and out style workout. Working up in reps, then back down. The first half should feel really great while you are feeling fresh. Once you hit the Push Press, things will start to slow down a little. The second half might take a little longer to get through the second time around. Find a focus for the day (see below) and try as hard as you can to stick with it.

The Push Press is taken from the ground, and by the end of the set of 55, you may be putting it down and picking it up a lot.

Beyond Rxd: We challenge you to do as big sets as you can, on all movements. Especially for the first set of each movement. This is a good mental challenge for you to gauge where your limits are doing high reps sets.

Rxd: For these athletes, pick a rep scheme that you think you can maintain over the workout without needing to take too much rest in between. It may mean the first few sets feel easy for you, then you will eventually start feeling fatigued and more challenged.  The load for the Push Press should feel moderately heavy.  You should be able to get at least 10 reps unbroken in your first set.

Fitness:  the movements should feel challenging for you with whatever modifications you choose. For the Lying Toes to Bar, bend your knees to scale the movement further. Scale the load as needed.

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