Kaitlin understands the importance of strength training for enhanced explosiveness. Here she is going BIG on her back squat.

Today, the focus is to go as heavy as possible on the Deadlifts.  Be prepared to use the 30 minutes of Workout Prep to work up to your starting weight. The amount of sets will vary depending on how heavy you are able to go.  There will also be some deficit Deadlifts in the Prep portion for some different accessory work during your lighter loads.  When done safely, these can help with strengthening the first piece of the Deadlift, and creates a different stimulus that most of us are not used to.  Perform the deficit deadlift portion if you are able to maintain your midline while standing on two 45lb plates with the barbell set up on the ground. For all others who may have hamstring tightness or immobility, regular set up Deadlifts will be great!

Your coach may or may not require you to bring the barbell to a complete stop after each rep.  OR…you may be asked to do the sets (5 and 3) tap-and-go.  Both are very different methods, with the first, placing the athlete under a little more stress/load since you have eliminated the momentum of the barbell going into the next rep.  During the prep period, practice bringing the Barbell to a complete stop (without taking your hands off the bar) before performing your next rep. We do a lot of high rep tap-and-go style Deadlift workouts, so this is a great opportunity to slow down and work the different positions.  It’s amazing how much stronger you become!





Odd Minute: 10 Parallette Pass Throughs There and Back = 1 rep

Even Minute: 40 Lateral Jumps over the Parallette

8 min AMRAP

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