So many of us are super sad we missed the 0900 hr dance party celebrating our 1st EMOM Monday!!  Apparently it was freaking incredible…and if you look closely down the right row of athletes, you can see today’s Birthday Boy gettin’ his groove on.  Happy Bday Coach Nic!

Do I feel a class “dance off” coming soon?


Double Unders

Rest 3min

Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
Run 200m

We put Annie first so that if you want to use it as a Benchmark test, you can.  You shouldn’t try to game it and go easy on Annie — it should be done as hard as you can. You get a 3min rest before you need to go again in the next portion of the workout! 😉


The Wall Ball is going to take the majority of the workout time, challenge yourself to try get big sets in every time you pick up the ball. Aim for at least 10 per set. Regular height on the Wall Ball. Scale the load as needed. The run is like a mini break between the Wall Balls, most people will want to jog it, but try not to!

Scale the Wall Ball weight as needed first.  Further scale by lowering the target height.  Remember, if you are not hitting the target height, the reps don’t count!


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