09/29/2016 Short, Heavy, and Intense!

“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased.  And rent is due every day.”-JJ Watt

Coaches Jorden, Karl and Seth encourage you to come on in and pay your rent! 😉


6 Front Rack Lunges (135/95lbs)
12 DB Deadlifts (55/35lbs)
AMRAP 8min

Short but heavy-ish and HIGH INTENSITY today. Given the short time domain, you should be able to perform all 6 Front Rack Lunges unbroken each round, otherwise it will waste too much time. Scale the load for everyone as needed.  You should feel like it’s pretty heavy for those 6 reps. The Deadlifts are basically fillers to get you fatigued a little before having to perform the Lunges again. The load shouldn’t be heavy for 12, you should be able to rep them out pretty quickly.

A challenging goal would be to try to get over 8 rounds. That’s roughly a round per minute. You will be able to maintain that for a few rounds, but after that, it will be pretty challenging. Most people should aim for around 5-6 rounds.

***We have programmed in some lower body mobilityGlut/Hip Prep and 15min of heavy Skill work today prior to the WOD, along with Front Rack Barbell Step Ups for building strength. If you haven’t done these before, they are killer on the midline!  You’re in for a treat!


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