A Happy 9am crowd!

A Happy 9am crowd!


3 Power Snatch (135/95lbs)
Row 1km
5 Power Snatch (135/95lbs)
Run 400m
7 Power Snatch (135/95lbs)
Row 1km
9 Power Snatch (135/95lbs)
Run 400m

This Snatch/Monostructural combo is a brutal one.  The movements will really start to compound in the later rounds.  This is more of a steady pace across everything type of workout. No need to race through the Snatches at a blazing pace if you’re just going to tank on the row/runs. Same goes for the rows/runs — make sure you hold a good steady pace that will still allow you to function when you do your Snatches.

The Snatches are Power, no Squatting allowed. The weight is moderate – heavy. The first few rounds will probably feel ok for most people, then you will feel it getting heavy for the last two rounds.  Get through however you can. Some people like to hold on to the weight for multiple sets, others like to drop and go again. Scale the weight accordingly.


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