09/26/2016 Happy Monday with Hip Openers!




Min 1: 10 Strict Handstand Pushups
Min 2: 10 Strict Pullups
Min 3: 14 Hang Power Clean (115/75lbs)
5 Rounds

For those athletes who have no trouble with the gymnastics movements, you will most likely be able to get through the first two-three rounds unbroken and then will need to break them up after that. Make the goal for today to just get through each round however you can. If you need to do 1 rep at a time, that’s fine, as long as you can sustain that over the 5 rounds and don’t start failing.

Beyond Rxd: Use 2 x 45lb/1 x 45lb plates for the Deficit.

For today, scale the Handstand Pushups to a Strict Press.  Use a weight that is really hard for 10 reps and you will need to start breaking them up after a few rounds.

Scale the Pullups to Strict Banded Pull-ups. Same thing, these should be really hard for 10 and will needed to be broken up after a few rounds.

The Hang Power Clean should be done unbroken each round, but will get a little hard to hold onto after a few rounds, so you will WANT to put it down.  Resist the urge!

Fitness: You will get to practice being inverted during the Warmup!  After that, the focus will be building strength.



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