09/23/2016 A Little Posterior Chain Work





50 Back Squat @ 3/4 Bodyweight
Every time you put the Bar down, you perform 10 Broad Jumps
Rest 2min
40 Back Squat @ Bodyweight
Every time you put the Bar down, you perform 10 Broad Jumps

You can rest with the bar on your back if you like during each set, but that doesn’t mean you can stand there for minutes just to avoid doing some Broad Jumps!!

They can round up your weight to the nearest 5-10 lbs. No need to get to precise with the loads.

The Broad Jumps are done as two footed takeoff and landing.  For people who are unable to jump in this way,  perform 20 Kick Backs instead.

Beyond Rxd: The load for the 50 shouldn’t feel that heavy. You should be able to get it done in a couple of sets, which means you won’t need to do that many Broad Jumps. The second set will be a little spicier for sure. The will need to take a few more breaks on this one.

Rxd: We made the weight something that you would be able to get done in a few sets. The range will be a little wider here with how it will feel for people, depending on their Squatting Strength and Stamina. Spend the Warmup figuring out whether the Rxd loads are appropriate for you. As a guideline, you shouldn’t need to break up the 50 and 40 reps more than 6-8 times.

Fitness: A great goal for you would be to try lift ¼ your body weight for the 50 reps and ½ your body weight for the 40 reps.



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