Kristin working hard on the rower.

Kristin working hard on the rower.


Run 200m
3 Thrusters (165/115lbs)
Max set Muscle Ups
5 Rounds

Make sure you run the 200m with intensity. In workouts like this, people often use the run as a rest or transition into the next movement. Make the goal today that you DO NOT deliberately do that. By round five you may have slowed down a little due to fatigue, but that’s different than purposely jogging.

Three Thrusters isn’t very many, but at the loads prescribed, it is enough to fatigue you for the Muscle Ups. Make the focus of the Workout be about the Muscle Ups. Programming the sets as unbroken forces you to stay on the rings a little longer than you normally would or would like to.  You should be aiming to go to failure each time. There is enough rest between sets that you will recover.

Scoring = Time – Total Muscle Up Reps (1 Rep = 1 Second)

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Thrusters should be heavy enough for you that you’ll  need to take a few seconds before you pick it up after the run.  You should still be able to do all three in a row, but the third should feel like a bit of a struggle.

You are also going to want to shake out your arms a little before launching into the set of Muscle Ups. For people who are proficient at Muscle Ups, you will probably be able to do 10+ on the first round with a small decline on each set, where others might be around 5 reps. If you don’t think you can get more than 5 reps per set, then perform Box Muscle Ups instead. To modify the movement further, you can play around with Banded muscle ups or jumping muscle ups. The set ends when you need to pause in the bottom position.

Fitness: Heavy Thrusters can sometimes get a little ugly with those of us who find it hard to squat with an upright torso. We have increased the reps to 5 to accommodate a lighter load and will leave it up to you to decide if Dumbbells would be a better option for you. Fight for that upright torso position!!

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