Sarah’s solid snatch…say that 3 times fast 😉

Who did yesterday’s Air Assault workout??   A whopping 7.5 minutes of work, that seemed like 7.5 years when you’re going all out.  Who ended up flat on their back when you were done?!  That was totally deceptive…and completely AWESOME!!  What a butt kicker.  Let’s see what Mr. Barber has in store for us today…


8 Burpee Plate Jump
8 KB SDHP (24/16kg)
AMRAP 6min
Rest 3min
8 Burpee Plate Jump
8 KB Power Clean (24/16kg)
AMRAP 6min

A twist on a regular 12min AMRAP. We decided to add some rest in the middle with the idea that you can and will push a little more knowing that you get a break. The short sets makes it easier for people to go faster through each round. The movements are simple enough that you shouldn’t need to slow down much during each 6min-er. The 3min built in rest also helps with being able to put in full intensity on either side of it.

For the Burpee Plate Jump, use a 45lb Plate.  You perform a Burpee, then you jump up onto the Plate.

For the KB SDHP standard, the Hands/Bell Handle need to cover the clavicle and clear the nipple line.

For the KB Snatch/Clean, we suggest you switch arms each round.  Option to use a dumbbell here if you have trouble with the KB clean/snatch technique.

Rxd:  Keep in mind you should be able to rep 8 out pretty quickly each round. The weight should be just right for 8 reps of each movement. Not super easy and not super hard. Basically, it should be a weigh you can keep moving through both 6min AMRAP’s.

Fitness:  For the Russian Swings, you will swing to your eye level.

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