14344262_1306629409347844_7342841814355767372_n“My feet hurt, from kicking so much ass.”- Nike slogan





30sec Assault Bike for Cals
30sec Rest
5 Rounds
30sec DB Push Press (45/25lbs)
30sec Rest
5 Rounds
30sec Single Arm OH DB Lunges (1 x 45/25lbs)
30sec Rest
5 Rounds

A 15min workout with a total of 7.5min of actual work. This means you need to put in 100% effort during every 30sec interval. The 15min will go by quickly.

Score = total Cals + total Push Press and Lunges reps. The easiest way for you to keep score would be to get one number for each movement during the workout. Record that and then add them all up at the end.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: For the Single Arm OH DB Lunges, alternate the arm you are holding the DB in every 30sec. Yes, one arm will get an extra 30sec of work!  Use your weak arm first so it gets that additional work at the end. Logistically it will be easier to perform the Lunges on the spot, but if you have a lot of room, then you can perform them walking.

The Dumbbell Load is set light-moderate. Light for the first 30sec, but by the 5th 30sec effort, you might start feeling a little heavy.  You should still be able to continue to move for the whole duration of each 30sec interval.

Fitness: Instead of OH Dumbbell Lunges,  either hold one DB to your chest or one by your side. You can also omit the weighted Lunges if that will slow you down too much. All movements should be done as fast as possible, so scale the load according to that guideline!

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