09/16/2016 Rings Galore

Cheryl mastering the balance of the headstand during last month's gymnastics focus.

Cheryl mastering the balance of the headstand during last month’s gymnastics focus.

Crystal in the "frogstand" position.

Crystal in the “frogstand” position.


120 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
60 Toes through Rings
30 Ring Dip

A ‘quick’ little Chipper for your Friday. Quick, depending on how much you love Wall Balls! Most of the time will be taken up getting through those. The Toes through Rings movement is exactly that, you perform a Toes to Bar, but instead of the Bar you are hanging on rings and your toes break the plane of the Rings through the middle. Most people find these a little easier than the bar since the Rings are moving, therefore you are able to manipulate your body position a little more than the fixed Bar.

Try doing a really big set of Wall Balls to start off with. This way you get a big chunk of it out of the way before you need to start breaking it up into smaller sets. Toes to Rings might be fairly new to some people, so figure out what is possible during the warmup and then you can choose how you want to attack it. Lastly, you just need to get through the Ring Dips. It is the last movement so you should try to move as fast as possible. Smaller sets plus shorter rest might be the way to go.  If needed, scale the Toes through Rings to Lying Toes to Bar, same rep scheme. Avoid using really thick bands on the dips, as it tends to change the stimulus of the Dip.  It’s much better to scale the movement to a Box Dip or Bar Dips on the Matadors.


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