09/15/2016 Jump and Jerk

Amie during yesterday's squat snatch WOD.

Amie during yesterday’s squat snatch WOD.


20 Double Unders
5 Push Jerk (155/105lbs)
EMOM 20min

Day 2 of Jumping movements.  Make sure you spend some time prepping your calves and ankles before launching into today’s workout. For the Beyond Rxd athletes, that is 600 Double Unders. For the rest of you, that is 400. This is a lot of jumping volume in 20min, even if you are a Double Under pro!!

The Barbell should be taken from the ground and you should be able to perform all 5 reps unbroken. It needs to be a Push Jerk, no Split Jerks. Dropping the weight and having to pick it up again will take too much time. It is a total of 100 Push Jerks. Doing EMOMs are a sneaky way of piling in the volume without people noticing ‘too’ much.

The Double Unders should take around 15sec, 25sec tops and the Push Jerk should take around 20-25sec, leaving 10-20sec rest at the end of each minute. Make sure you do a warm up set during your Prep so you can practice with the load you want to use.


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