A little atlas stone action for Coach Jorden.


2min Row for Cals
2min Squat Snatch (135/85lbs)
2min Shuttle Runs
3 Rounds

This can be a hard one to have a game plan for — 2min can feel like both a long time and a very short amount of time per movement!  Today we encourage people to work on their weaknesses by pushing through those, then do what they can for their strengths. For example, if someone struggles with Rowing but knows that the Squat Snatch will be less challenging for them, rather than sandbagging the Row, which is what most people will want to do, have them push hard through the Row and then hang in with however many reps they can for the Squat Snatch and then push again for the Run. Or, vice versa, depending on their weaknesses. It will make the Squat Snatches feel harder than usual. It is sometimes good to train movements under more fatigue than we are used to.

Score = total Cals + total Snatch Reps + total Shuttles for all three Rounds


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