60 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
With time remaining of 5min,
perform AMRAP Muscle Up

50 Weighted Hip Extensions (10/15lb plate)
With time remaining of 5min,
perform AMRAP Muscle Up

This is a great workout opportunity for those who need to work on lifting a moderate load for their Deadlift and work toward/on the Muscle Up.  You essentially have 5min to get a certain amount of Deadlift work done and then the remainder to push the envelope with the Muscle Ups/Muscle Up modification. For those athletes who the Deadlifts and Muscle Ups are no problem for, this workout will be more about your Cardiorespiratory limits rather than your strength/skill limits. For others it might be about working on challenging your Deadlift ability and suffering through a load you wouldn’t normally lift.

Beyond Rxd: Ideally, the weight for the Deadlift should be moderate and be able to be performed within two-three sets. Athletes should have around 3min to spend on the Muscle Ups per cycle. The Weighted Hip Extensions should be able to be done in two-three sets as well, with a little longer left for Muscle Ups.

As a rule of thumb (for this workout), if people are struggling to move the weight for multiple reps due to form, go lighter. If you feel solid and can still pick the weight up for 5+ reps at a time, go for that load. Scale the Weighted Hip Extensions to bodyweight. To scale the Muscle Ups, work on Box Muscle Ups OR work on your Chest to Bar Pullups. To scale further, use the Fitness modification.

Fitness: We want this workout to be a bit more about intensity for you, so we have kept the Deadlift/Good Morning reps a little lower and used movement modifications for the Muscle Up so you can keep moving for the remainder of each 5min. Use a Dip sub so that performing 5 or so Dips in a row is possible. Hands on Boxes, or jump to lower negatives on Dip Bars.

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